61 dollars

December 10 2005

$61 is how much money we had to pay to get my poor cat out of the pound and i had to promise them my first born as well(not really) but it seemed that way since we had to pay Sixty-one Dollars!!!


the reason why he was there is because he goes outside to do his thing because originally he was an outdoor cat before we got him so he doesn't like to stay inside very long. well...there is apparently a leash law for cats and that is why they picked him up...he didn't come back for like 2 nights so we got worried and we went to the pound to see if by chance he got picked up..well he did. he was just chillin' in the cage thing.

Nathan Moore

December 10 2005
your cat is not typing properly...


December 10 2005
nathan is right. 61 bucks, you think they would be glad to give it back to you. crazy people. piece


December 10 2005
what happened to your cat? why was he in the pound!? i'm so so lost.... :( lol! well i'm glad you at least got him back! but it's a bummer that you had to pay such a price for him!

Jamie Smith

December 10 2005
Aww hun that stinks! why did meko go to the pound though?

jeff martin

December 10 2005
cats suk... dogs are so much better -Jeff

kelsey shearron

December 11 2005
haha...im so sorry!...id cry if i had to give up that much!