October 27 2005

that is the word that describes exactly how i feel. i went to the doctor this afternoon and aparently i have some kind of infection. but my best friend in the whole wide world came over and brought me a balloon, card, and my favorite kind of candy. i love my lauren! my throat feels like a thousand knives were stuffed down it...sad times. well...that pretty much sums up my day. hope everyone had a better day. thing i did realize is how boring daytime tv is. i watched the flippin martha stewart show and her guest host was rosie odonnell. but suprisingly i found it pretty interesting. they talked about rosie going to visit martha in jail. but anyways...i learned how to make candy apples and boonilla shakes. read right...i said boonilla shakes. which in all actuality is just a vanilla shake with a "ghost" face drawn on the glass cup. that is such a sad sad story..but it my sad sad story. but i am on day #2 of being sick and staying at home. maybe me and martha can learn how to make a halloween wreth or something.


October 27 2005
you didn't even tell them how you watched martha stewart!


October 27 2005
oh no, i hope you start to feel better. piece


October 27 2005

Jamie Smith

October 28 2005
Haha Aww Sarah we need to make Boonilla Shakes together haha I love ya hun hope you feel better!