cold weather

October 24 2005

winter is my favorite season. (even though it is only fall but it feels like winter.) i figured that out about myself. i really do enjoy getting all bundled up and putting on the hats and scarves. but the best thing of all is when you are walking and the cold wind is blowing in your face and then your eyes start to water. to me that is the best feeling. i also love how everytime i am about to leave the house my moms tells me to put on a hat and that it's cold outside.<as if i didn't know> but i thank the Lord that i have a mom that cares enough about me to tell me that.  just the way she says it makes me happy. but the only sad part about it is that i can't wear my flip flops anymore. i tried the other day and i way too much of a chicken. maybe i will bust them out every once in awhile. I LOVE WINTER!

::can u please pray for my grandfather. he was sent to the emergency room tonight from the nursing home and we don't really know what's wrong with him. he has alzheimers so being sick like that really doesn't make things better. so just pray for the doctors and my family. thanks so much.::


October 24 2005
be real sarah, wear the flip flops. but dont be a flip flopper. i like winter too, it's awesome. piece