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July 30 2005
turned out soooo cute. its got like this dizzy look to them. and everyone in the picture looks very pale, we all kinda look like ghosts. its so weird. but im in love. and i paid the extra dollar for them to put the white borders on the edges. i think im gonna do that everytime. i really like that. anyway-i saw devils regects for the second time today. that movie is so sick, but so good. i really want the soundtrack. anyway-im at home tonight, i gotta stay here with my sister. my parents are out till late.
love, cailsey

Erin Caudillo

July 30 2005
aw yay. i'm glad they turned out good! ♥

Brett Tenpenny

July 31 2005
im having a great summer... what about you hun?

Carly Gee

August 02 2005
seriously.. let's go shopping for clothes or something. ♥