March 24 2006
I am restarting on Phusebox, I stopped there for a second because it is spring and Big Brother demands conformity.

I though that I should post

January 28 2006

I'm sick and tired of dealing with those adipose sheepy sheeps



January 05 2006
A drunk lectured me about priorities two nights ago on the square. Is God trying to tell me something?


December 11 2005

It shows you the simplicity and joyfulness of being a circular field mouse floating off a tree on a leaf while throwing acorns at flower buds and turning them into butterflies.

It's amazing believe me.


December 05 2005

I love these people! They're old!


December 02 2005

Abstract Horse says,"Any day of the week that ends in a "Y" is a good day to drink liquids!"

word of the day "CHILD"

November 23 2005

So these two CHILD in 6th period were being very loud, obnoxious and annoying in class, so I decided to make them angry and save the day. One CHILD is in ROTC and the other CHILD loves Rascal Flatts, so I basically says to them that Rascal Flatts and the Marines took a trip to Australia so that they could have sexual intercourse with Koala bears. [EWWWW!!!! GROSS!!!]

The ROTC CHILD asked me if I wanted to die, and I said no way jose

I started feeling bad afterwards, I apologised of course, because I didn't mean it, but then i started thinking to myself, maybe i should stop pretending to be a jerk. Some people who don't know me well enough probably take it seriously.


I'msa moseying on down to Opry Mills today! and i got a dumb looking haircut!


November 18 2005

I like to say....



November 11 2005

pig in Vernada:

   <(I'm a piggy cute and fuzzy)>

Little pig:(__/)
                                      ( *(")*)
                                   <(  small  )>
                                        /|   |\


It didn't work!!!


November 07 2005

Everyone says that they want to be a pirate, wel I think that pirates are LAME! I want to be a Viking because Vikings are about the coolest people ever!

Back in the day, they'd burn down rainforests, and attack small peaceful villages and boat around Europe. That's hard, Pirates don't got nothing on that!

"Please don't pick on me, I'm Norse..."


November 01 2005




October 29 2005

Free must be Kurt Simmons!

Another brother brought down by the Man

It's Sammy!!!

October 24 2005

Sammy Soil, what would we do without you?


October 22 2005

today was OK. I LOVE espresso Jo's, but no one was there with me

It made me frown a little bit, but then I bought Takk by Sigur Ros and that made it all better, for the moment.

Sigur Ros is my favorite Icelandic band ever!


October 21 2005

Awful, just awful. Sorry Timmy, we just hate you and your drawings.



October 18 2005

If anyone uses the word CRUNK in a sentence, and says it litterally and not making fun of it, go up to him/her and say,"Nonononononono" 

that'll give them an idea about what's what and who's who.

the following words/phrases will be made fun of by our children, and our children's children : Foshnizzle, Crunk, Pimpin', I'm Rick James B****!, OMGosh you RAWK, AnYtHiNg WRiTTeN LikE ThIs WiLl bE MaDe FuN OF bY FuTUrE GeNerAtIonS, and of course there are many more that i can't think of right now.

I'm loving the change

October 16 2005

Phusebox makes me smile like a little girl on Christmas morning!

I went to homecoming yesterday

October 15 2005
I had such a fun time at school. They were selling subway and domino's and jones soda and what not. I drank like four jones sodas in less than 15 minutes. I felt my insides dissolving. And at the end of the day, I found a spider ring, as you can see in my new profile pic. isn't it genius!

Yeaterday, the Most WONDERFUL thing happened

October 12 2005
I found five banana nut muffins in a bush!
What I was thinking at the time was,"Hurray! there's FIVE them! POWER TO THE HOMELESS!"

Leeches suck also

October 10 2005
But they suck because they have to to survive.
And Mississippi and Arkansas suck because they feel like it.
I got a myspace and I don't like it that much, the layout is too confusing. It's not very user friendly!

Mississippi Suuuuucccckkkkkkssssss

October 09 2005
I got back from mississippi about two hours ago, I hate mississippi, it's the most BORING state in the mystical country of United States.


October 06 2005
Subject: The ADIPOSE SHEEPY SHEEPS in the TRIANGULAR and Other Business.
From: Mr. MAROON, PUPPY Supervisor
To: All Employees of CUMBERSOME TADPOLE Inc.

It has come to my ADJUSTABLE attention that the TRIANGULAR has been TRIPLY FISHED BALOGNA PANTS with ADIPOSE SHEEPY SHEEPS. I am tired of dealing with TRIPLICATE employees and their ADIPOSE SHEEPY SHEEPS. The TRIANGULAR is meant for MAILING. It is not a MAN HOSPITAL room.

On a more EXOGENOUS note, I would like to TOAD SKIPPIN' all of you for the BULLET RIDDLED work you all did on the BURGUNDY ZIPLOC account. You should all be NOSELESSLY KUNG FU'D.

Also, be sure to welcome CLARENCE THE SHOGUN ASSASSIN, the newest member of the GOPHER RAKE department. They will be a EXOTIC A BARREL FULL OF EARS to our family.

Mr. MAROON, PUPPY Supervisor.

It's fall break and the livings easy

October 02 2005
I looooove fufu berry flavored chapstick!

what is pepperoni made out of

September 16 2005
Old decrepid animal rights activists

Mine and Stuart's thoughts on burgundy

September 11 2005
meanmoccasin2222: howdy
dEa thLam MA 9: yoo
meanmoccasin2222: What are your thoughts on Burgundy?
dEa thLam MA 9: the colour?
meanmoccasin2222: yais
dEa thLam MA 9: i think it's a little too rich for me
dEa thLam MA 9: i prefer a...
dEa thLam MA 9: burnt orange
dEa thLam MA 9: to a burgandy, but only in some cases
meanmoccasin2222: I think Burgundy is for old people
meanmoccasin2222: and must be destroyed!
dEa thLam MA 9: old rich peolpe?
dEa thLam MA 9: i'd call it an oustanding senior citizens' color
meanmoccasin2222: All old peopple have the same amount of money on the inside
dEa thLam MA 9: lol
dEa thLam MA 9: eewww
dEa thLam MA 9: i bet it smells terrible
dEa thLam MA 9: like old burnt oranges
meanmoccasin2222: it does
meanmoccasin2222: Kind of makes me sad -__-
dEa thLam MA 9: yes : /
dEa thLam MA 9: there could be so many better uses for the oranges
dEa thLam MA 9: like filling pinyata's
meanmoccasin2222: Like purses
dEa thLam MA 9: cause you can hit those wiht sticks and not get in trouble
dEa thLam MA 9: and purses !
meanmoccasin2222: And don't forget purse pants!
meanmoccasin2222: The all in one alternative to a purse and pants!