Tonsilitis and stuff......

July 04 2006

so my dad thinks i have tonsilitis
my throat hurts rrreealllll bad
and it hurts to swallow/talk/yawn/etc
but the doctor my mom was going to take me to,
well he decided to be out of town this week
i was like; well damn

but yah other than that i'm okay
me and sean are okay
the job thing is at a stand still
i'm tired
but i think i might stay up and nap later
i'm sleeping on the couch lately
i'm too lazy to walk upstairs
and the couch is comfy
except for the fact that when my dad comes home from work
[at nine AM]
he makes alot of racket
and keeps feeling my forehead to see if i have a fever

but yyyyyahhhhhhh
i guess i'll go now