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December 15 2005

Home is Where the Heart is.....

I am HOME!!!!  I missed it oh so much.  Though I had an unhappy experience coming home...let me explain.  I live an hour and a half from school...well I had made it to Goodman (25 minutes from my house), looked over and saw two of the schools movies in my front seat that I was supposed to return.  I called and they told me they did charge fines over the holidays...$1 a day...I was not a happy camper... So, I drove BACK to school in the bad weather and went to return the movies...the lady behind the desk snapped at me (I bit my lip and smiled).  Then I drove back home...witnessing 3 wrecks on the way.  I am just glad that I wasn't part of any of them and the people involved seemed ok. 

Well, got home and mom cooked supper...loved it.  Then I got to talk to Leah...she is doing good, for those of you that don't know...she just had nose surgery Monday to fix the break.  She isn't in much pain, just uncomfortable.  I get to go see her Friday...and she is coming to my house for the New Years party. 

I already miss everyone at school and can't wait to see everybody, but I love being home...though I am getting sicker, stupid, I love it cold, just messes with my immune system.  Medicine is good and now have mom to take care of me.  Finals are over and school is out for a while...that excites me.  My first semester of MC as a transfer student is finished...that is good news as well. 

I hope everyone has an amazing CHRISTMAS, since no-one can say that anymore, and the best New Years ever.  Call me or write me or something so that I know how you are....Love you all with all my heart....


Maria Haun

January 13 2006
i am so glad that we got to hang out some before passion. you take care of the hardings for me! keep in touch!