Ashley Byars


Relationship Status



November 10 2005

    I have already had two French test's this
week...aced them both.  I have two major History test's
tomorrow.  THEN, I have another history test Tuesday, a Bible test
Wednesday, and a French test Thursday...with four reports due
Friday.  The next Monday I have an 8 page History test.  I
have 3 History classes by the way.

    Got signed up for classes next semester...18
hours.  Got signed up for rooms next semester, we will be moving
on up to the new dorms...we get a room to ourselves with a big bathroom
(tub and shower).  I am excited!!!

    Have a retreat with Mo' Heights (Morrison
Height' church here in Clinton) this weekend.  It is on
relationships...we are going to be in cabin's in the woods.  I am
excited about this as well.  And next weekend I have a wedding to
attend...also exciting.

OK,  I need sleep and am going to try to get some.  Goodnight to all and sweetdreams!!!!


Danielle Roos

November 14 2005
hey you...hadnt heard from ya in a while! hows it goin? i went to msu today and applied and toured the campus...i'm so excited. i'll know in about 2 to 3 weeks if i'm accepted! be prayin for me! ~danielle