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March 08 2006
so today wasn't all that bad. We have pics 2moro. O well tho. I can't wait to go to skewl 2moro. I get to see Randy. I really like him alot. Well ummm idk if he likes me but i hope he does. Well yeah i'll try to get a pic of him for yall. So ne ways imma see if maybe this weekend me and my Keisha can hang out. Oh by the way imma get pic's of Keisha and Brannon too. Imma try to get a pic of Debbie also. I can't wait till me and mouse can hang out. Mouse is my brothers ex that i love oh so very much. She's so kewl.

Becca Hicks

March 10 2006
sorry i couldn't make it. i had to stay home... =[ mucho love, [me]