Student Teachers

February 24 2006
i think my student teacher in accouting is about the most clueless, retarded, WORST teacher in history!!! we played jeopardy a few minutes ago and all the questions were 1) really vague and 2) half of them were things she expected us to know but she never actually taught. ugh. i hate student teachers.


February 23 2006
so there is this guy i really like. but for some reason i don't think we would work very well...and i'm not gonna bother telling any details b/c ANYTHING would give it away to that guy. but i still don't have a prom date and that would just be....amazing. no other word for it. but it's not gonna happen so i'm not even gonna get my hopes up.i think stacee is gonna be my date. yep that's right folks. i'm gonna be a lesbian for a night lol. okay. i made my point. the end. ::sigh::

My Sister

February 22 2006
well...apparently my sister is jail again.

One Hit Wonders

February 18 2006
in your opinion what is the greatest one hit wonder ever?

Happy V-Day!

February 14 2006


February 10 2006

F.Y.I. the saturday ACT is CANCELED!


February 08 2006

"Neutrality helps the oppressor, never the victim. Silence encourages the tormentor, never the tormented."
--Elie Wiesel
       --Noble Peace Prize acceptnace speech, December 10th, 1986

i don't know why, but i really liked that quote when i read it. it makes a lot of sense.

the game

February 05 2006

so is anyone going to actually WATCH the game or r u just gonna watch for the comercials?

okay maybe they ALL don't suck

February 03 2006

okay well maybe ALL guys don't suck. atleast i've found one that doesn't lol. i always have fun whenever i get to hang out with danny. idk why. he's i love him to death. but ne ways. i'm done rambling now. ciao guys.

guys SUCK

February 02 2006

they tell u one thing when they mean another, you think you have a good time and then they don't call u for a month, they say they are over someone when in reality they will NEVER be over that person, and they won't even bother to even think about telling you what the fuck is going on inside their head!

(and to clarify this is aimed at no one guy in particular but just guys in general!)


February 02 2006

well i'm kinda sad now . my friend angela that just moved was gonna come visit for spring break but her mom and dad aren't fond of the idea so i asked my parents if i could go to canada but they shot that idea down. they are freaking out worrying about me coming across the border so they said no. and yeah. i was all excited. =( oh well, back to the florida plan then. i'm just worried stacee and i won't both be able to get off work at the same time. oh well. jackiekins: don't forget to ask your mom about florida!!!




January 28 2006

Zukuchiri Lukishishikishi...

apparentky that is my name in Japanese lol. Nice and long huh?

(and for the record u can thank kyle for that translation.)


January 27 2006

so this tattoo guy is over at our house and momma is getting a new tattoo. caleb already got his this afternoon and daddy got TWO about two weeks ago. i am contemplating getting's gonna be small. probably about the size of a silver dollar and it's gonna be on the back of my neck so i can hide it with my hair....what is ya'll's get a tattoo or not??


January 20 2006

war is stupid

A Ticket

January 19 2006
well well well. i finally got a ticket for speeding. i was doing 38 in a 15. but luckily since i didn't have ne thing on my record i got lucky and he said i was doing 25 in a 15 so it won't go on my record. but that means i still get to go to court. WITH my mother. YAY! not.

Au Revoir Angela

January 18 2006

well....angela is gone. she left at four this morning. she called me not too long ago and they have already made it to chicago. she said they have an hour and a half layover and then it's straight on to vancouver.

au revoir angela

Random Phone Calls

January 15 2006

so yeah i thought last night was gonna be a bummer staying at home all by myself but then someone who i haven't talked to in awhile gave me a call so it ended up being really fun. we need to do that again. =)


January 13 2006

On this day in History:

Beth had her first college meltdown induced by her mother.

(Life Sucks!)


January 12 2006

okay okay, so since everyone has been like DEMANDING i get one. i finally got a myspace.

merry christmas guys.