bad luck: part 2

September 28 2006

ok so if u kno jackie u prolly read her post about her bad luck. ha. this is part two bitches.

since i have started school i have had the worst luck EVER- my radiator in my car blew up, i lived in a hotel ACROSS TOWN for 3 1/2 weeks, i failed my first pysch test, i can't find a job, i'm completely broke, i've overdrafted mmy bank account twice, i killed my iPod (yeah coincidence? jackie kills hers and exactly a week later i kill mine), my boyfriend cheated on me, i broke up with my boyfriend, i almost failed my first english paper, my computer has been going haywire, my wireless keeps dying, i broke my brand new cell phone faceplate 3 days after i bought it, two words: meacham disaster, my favorite picture frame ever that angela gave me b4 she moved to canada got smashed when i moved into my dorm

i think that's about it. long enough list?? man this is ust....AHH! something has got to give. i mean i'm still in a pretty good mood but that's just b/c that's me. plus i have a guy to distract me. u guys know me. i love boys. especially older college boys. ahhh. ok sry. got distracted again. lol. yeah ok. i just needed to vent. i feel a lil better now.