a little news

September 14 2006
so yeah still bored. still in a hotel. and still broke. lol. doesn't get any better than that huh? BUT the good news is that i think i have a job. I am supposed to find out today whether or not i got the job at chili's. and that would rock b/c everyone i've ever talked to that has worked there has said they BANKED on tips. plus with all the people coming back with the 101st airborne there is so many extra people in this town it ain't even funny. but even if i don't get the job there my uncle really does have me hooked up for once. i actually could've started last night but i don't have the cash for my beer license. and they closed b4 my class got out ne ways. so ti's looking good on the job front. clayton is almost done with his car. he should be driving it by this weekend. he and jim finished wet sanding it sunday and that means jim should've started painting it monday. key word- SHOULD'VE. oh and did i tell u he's selling his nova? yeah he's been working on it for over a year and all he needs to do is get it painted and fix the interior, just cosmetic stuff, and he's selling it. he has $6,700 under the hood and the receipts to prove it. guess how much he's selling it for...just guess.....$3,000. i was like u have got to be fucking kidding me. that means he lost 3,000 on the whole deal! i was like u are stupid. but apparently T has decided he wants it and he's gonna give him $3,600 cash for it this weekend. they came and visited me last night.  i was so excited. and if T is feeling better they are coming back this afternoon that way we can run to erin and he can see the car and they can work out the details and whatever. but yeah figured i would update since i had some time (i skipped history; he makes me fall asleep anyways).