motor mounts, babies and boyfriends

July 24 2006
i swear i love having a mechanic for a boyfriend. it took them two days but it was actualy only SEVEN HOURS that it took them to take out my motor and put my new one in. it's AH-MAZING. and my ac feels sooo good. it was a good thing that they did it now too, both of my motor mounts were broken when they took my motor out. and if u are wondering exactly what the hell a motor mount is it is basically just a weird lookin metal bracket that holds ur motor up. and considering that BOTH of mine were broke i'm pretty damn lucky that just driving down the street my motor didn't fall the fuck out lol. clayton said if we had gone about another month before we did it that my motor prolly woulda just locked up whcih would've been REALLY bad. u should heard him tho. he was like my ex-girlfriend couldn't even get me to change her oil much less come 200 miles and spend two days changing out a damn motor! ha. that's great. and rene is a bitch. (the ex girlfriend) and other than that i've got nothing extremely interesting to say....oh wait yeah i do! my big sis might be having a baby!!  i might be an aunt for the 8th time! (and i'm not talking about christie, my OTHER big sis, stacee nicole) ok so yeah i'm done. and since i just woke up i am in DESPERATE need of a tooth brush, ciao bitches.

the brian king kenobi

July 24 2006
beth! i miss yoooooou!

Aaron Massey

July 26 2006
beth is awesome.... pretty much.