April 24 2006
Prom was super fun... one of the best nights of my life!


April 11 2006
 i  HATE  making hard decisions....


March 07 2006

I'm so sick of school I could scream...

Should I stay or should I go?

February 28 2006

So... I'm having trouble deciding where to go for college and what to do when I get there... So i'm gonna give you the pros and cons of each and you can tell me what you think... ok?... ok!

King College

Location: Bristol, Tennessee/Bristol, Virginia (the campus in on the line)

Type: Private/Christian

Tuition: $17,680

Room and Board: $5,720

Total (before books): $23,400

Scholarships: Academic- $8,000,Whitehead foundation scholarship- $840, Lottery scholarship- $3,300  Total: $12,140

Loans: $12,000

Pros: Somewhere new and exciting. Beautiful and small campus in the mountains of Tennessee and Virginia. Christian atmosphere. 

Cons: Away from family and friends. Not as much security. ALOT of money in loans that will have to be payed back after I graduate.


Location:... a duh... Here.

Type: State School

Tuition: $2,258

Room and board: live at home

Scholarships: Lottery-$3,300 (so far 2 more are pending)

Loans: none needed

Pros: HOME! A whole bunch cheaper. No loans to pay off. Friends an family. Comfort and security.

Cons: Same ol' same ol'. It's really difficult to get into the nursing academy. GIGANTIC campus with ZERO parking.

Well it seems pretty obvious I suppose where "logically" I should go. But I am still unsure.

Just let go

February 19 2006

It would feel so great to let go right now...

but I won't let me...

I need prayer lots and lots of prayer


February 15 2006
Why are there so many questions and so many dead ends in life. How can I find my self wanting when everything is right here. I don't know where I am going but I know I always want you with me to have and to hold forever and ever... why can't we just fast forward to two years from now when we'll be older and ready for the life we want. Why are there so many questions....

Awesome 18

February 10 2006

Awesome 18 much better than Sour 17!!!

Happy Birthday To ME!!!

Four More Days...

February 06 2006

Just four more days and I will be legal...

Yes, that's right February 10th, 2006 marks 18 years of existence for Betsy Jo....

Exciting isn't it...

The Best Friends a girl could have

January 25 2006

photo from h_olly
Ya see those girls right there....Just so you know, they're amazing!The coolest girls you'll ever meet hands down.

Yay for weekends!

January 20 2006

Here's wishing you a very happy weekend  

3 weeks till the big 1-8 !


January 16 2006

I am so sick of trying

I just want to quit

I'm exhausted from worry

and faking and acting like everything is ok.

I need to be real and show you who I am there's stuff you need to know in order to fully understand why I am the way I am...

For the first time in my life I am feeling shy and ashamed afraid to let you see who I am. Some people won't understand

just like the song Iris says "i don't want the world to see me cause i don't think that they'd understand"


January 13 2006

we placed 3rd...

I mean it's great considering we were only 4 points from beating the 1st place winners...

how come certain people are just so perfect it really bothers me..... i just don't understand it.

Business Plan Competition

January 12 2006
So... We had the state semi finals for the Business Plan Competition and... we were in the top 6... which mean we advance to finals! YAY!!!


January 10 2006

Hey ya'll!

         How is everyone?! Well this week has been super stressful but hopefully it'll get better! I am really excited about phuse box it seems alot different than xanga and myspace... so yea def. excited! Talk to ya'll later!

P.S. I REALLY miss summer :(