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rascal flatts, jack johnson

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a beautiful mind

my wreck

July 09 2006
    so i am leaving my sister's apartment and some guy pulls out in front of me and then poor little honda is out... i think its his fault though and no worries ladies i am ok... i know you were all wondering and hoping i was. here are some pics of the sad event.

and worst of all
that hurts the heart.. gotta order a new one... quick.
Again girls i am OK!!!

Drew Mitchell

July 10 2006
With how fast your always driving its a wonder you haven't already had a wreck. Im glad you weren't hurt.

Lisa A

July 21 2006
glad ur ok


July 24 2006
So are you just trying to see how many friends you can get or do I actually know you?

Robert Mathis

August 11 2006
I suggest you get a cool guy Tennessee Tech. Front end plate when ya get ur car back


September 17 2006
uhhh you touch my twalala.