Ben Pearcy


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In A Relationship



Favorite Music

rascal flatts, jack johnson

Favorite Movies

a beautiful mind


June 17 2006
ok so i have 299 friends... who wants to be #300. This lucky person will recieve the graditude and privalidge of being my friend. haha.

Jessica Dennis

June 18 2006
do you work at sports season in hickory hollow mall?

Ben Moser

June 18 2006
you know anybody reading this could also retract friendship causing you to fall sub-300 once more. mwahahaha


June 18 2006
dude do you know ms mullen? do you know what a schluss is? & do you know how on earth one would could get cutt off? i done think so amigo! so im kicking you out of my group! ... ok so not really. you can stay in my group as long as you want. i dont care. & just so you know im only letting you stay in because youre gonna be a tech kid. jk.

Ethan Fooom

June 19 2006
Hahaha you didn't know what a schluss. I know what a Schluss is from working at krogers for 3 years. hey sometimes being a checker comes in handy.