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rascal flatts, jack johnson

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a beautiful mind


May 31 2006
Me and alden just got done bowling for 5 hours straight and i did great...we bowled a total of 12 games for 12 dollars what a deal.

my average was 135

Dan the Dan-Man Daniel

May 31 2006
You should be on the Bowling team or something...oh wait...


May 31 2006
and everything is nice deal..

courtney little

June 01 2006
im a horrible bowler..i bowled a 12 once....kinda amusing

Drew Mitchell

June 06 2006
thats stupid. Check out that new group I made about Woodruff and Logan Siler !


June 06 2006
kacie brewer. :)

Drew Mitchell

June 07 2006
happy birhtday joe bean