Ben Pearcy


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rascal flatts, jack johnson

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a beautiful mind

spring break

March 29 2006
its spring break!!!! wanna hang out? call me!!!
653 8616

Drew Mitchell

March 29 2006
Sir you have an English Research paper to write in case you forgot. You cannot be hanging out you must write that english paper ! By the way we were geniuses in the women's tourney challenge ! 3 of the final four are #1's !

Drew Mitchell

March 31 2006
wanna go to a riverdale softball game tomorrow ???

Rachael Vance

April 03 2006
hope u had a great spring break!!


April 06 2006
it was nice talking to you! thanks for the citing information. oh, and maybe one day you'll get that backflip.

Drew Mitchell

April 08 2006
good job on the paper buddy !

Drew Mitchell

April 12 2006
The shoot from up top in the big yellow school bus is up and no good as we drive down highway 231. Missing the Impalas windows by mere inches. Its a shame I didn't go back and get it . Dang I got alot of Hw tonight.

Drew Mitchell

April 12 2006
That was supposed to be shot not shoot