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March 19 2006
i am taking a poll:
do you think God still has prophets like in the bible or atleast something similar?

beth cooper

March 19 2006
hmmm...possibly, although i dont think we hear about them. possibly cuz theyre taken as crazy now a days. but im sure theyre still out there


March 19 2006

Just Me

March 19 2006

l a u r e n b e a s l e y.

March 19 2006

Anna Miller

March 19 2006
I think so. . .

Garreth \"Karate Explosion\" Blackwell

March 20 2006
Yes. The term prophet is severely misunderstood. Most Christians think the word prophet is synonymous with "psychic" or something of that nature, but all a prophet was was someone that knew what was right and was empowered by God to remind people that wrongfulness to God results in an individual's distruction either spiritually or physically. So, yes, prophets are still very much a part of God's plan even today.

Rebecca Jensen

March 20 2006
I agree with Garreth.


March 20 2006
i think that some people who might be considered prophets by some aren't. i think it is convienient in today's world to claim what is right (hence what is of God, thus God's will) while simulataneously bringing attention toward themselves, not toards God. I do not doubt that God has empowered us all to interpret what is right.

Sara Shaban

March 20 2006
yes...why do you ask?


March 20 2006
yes! most definetly!

Brenna Lybeck

March 22 2006
I don't think so because everything has already been prophesized in the book of Revelations.

brett harrison

March 22 2006
sure... i believe God in some way or other still calls men and women to speak His truth to His people

Drew Mitchell

March 26 2006
Its me again ! I betcha Mr.Ben Pearcy can get as good of a grade as I did on my research paper ! I got a 148/150 ! Ok myabe Im just kdding but I feel really good about it !

Alden Ward

March 27 2006
Operation ACE starts this week!