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March 02 2006
ok so pretty much hurt my achilles etndon.... hope thats spelled right... anyways back to the story i hurt it and i can barely jog now so needless to say i still have 14 miles to go and practice was a beast today i was limping everywhere. hope it gets better soon or i won't get to play at all.

justin daniels

March 02 2006
damn..been there,done that,not pretty at all. Worst soccer game of my life was the one where I hurt it.


March 02 2006
wow man...sorry to hear...get better soon! oh, hey...can you get one of those motorized carts like at wal*mart to drive around in untill ur better? you could do ur miles with wheels

kayla hale

March 02 2006
ouch.. yeah let me tell ya.. i have broke my elbow *horible* & broke my ankel this summer & still have to wear a brace.. 8 months later.. i hate being hurt lol.. well i hope you fell better.. even though i am not real sure who ya are.. lol... feel better =) ilu-kayla

Rachael Vance

March 02 2006
hey- i don't really know you, but i do hope that u get better, you are in my prayers


March 03 2006
<P>I feel your pain. I'm a runner too. You should have already iced and stretched it (gently) and tape it since it seems you have to keep running. When you get more time rehab it with some rest, but for now a good idea is taping it. If its not to bad that is. <p>There are two ways you can do it: <p>Put two anchor strips at the base of the largest muscle in the calf and across the ball of the foot. Point your toe a little and make an X with the tape the center of the X crossing over at the heel. tape over the ends to secure it and then wrap loosely with an ace bandage. <p>Start with anchor strips at the same place (the one on the foot can be a little closer to the arch, whatever is comfortable) and then cut a strip that will stretch firmly from that anchor strip to anchor strip (oh this should be that tan, elastic, really sticky tape) and cut it along the middle about an inch at each end and point the foot slightly, then pull the tape firmly around the back of the ankle and the midfoot. Smooth it down and tape the top and bottom firmly over with a couple strips. <p>with both tactics you shouldn't have too much tension that you can't move your foot, but not so loose that you don't feel a little pull. If you feel a little side to side instability you can tape over it for more security. If its bad add a couple more strips as needed to back the strips going from your foot to the base of your calf muscle. <p>Try to get someone to help you... a trainer or someone. And always remember to ice and stretch!~ Good luck with getting the rest of your miles done :D