Ben Pearcy


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rascal flatts, jack johnson

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a beautiful mind


January 15 2006
well lets see whats been happenin lately... well yesterday was
homecoming... then ate and saw glory road... crashed a party and me and mr mitchell went muddin in the ole honda accord she's kinda dirty now whoops... other than that lately has been alot of thinkin... college
soon and i am kinda scared i haven't been the new kid since feb 7, 1988
(my b-day) always the same town, same school, same house, now a whole new city is exciting but scary too. that also has brought questions
like where is my life headed will i be happy get my dreams and goals.
that also scares me cause what if i fail or dont get exactly what i
want. lots of times i cover this stuff up with comedy but here its i me
letting it out i am scared and need to figure things out.


Drew Mitchell

January 17 2006
I'm a freaking genius ! We now have the password back to Faulkner site ! I tell ya how I got it later ! ~ Drew