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rascal flatts, jack johnson

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a beautiful mind


January 09 2006

well i must say i was a little disapointed with the respinse last time anyways its all good. really i guess it may have sounded like i was kinda weird but really i just like to meet new people so thats what i wanted just somebody that maybe also likes to meet new people or w/e anyways gotta get back to learning cause i am at school.

PS if you know how to add video on here let me know i got a great video i want to show but i cant get it to work.

Sara Shaban

January 09 2006
hah...learning at school....

Drew Mitchell

January 09 2006
my dang comment went away b/c something happned to my entry please put the same comment you had on mine back thanks !

Elisabeth Barber

January 09 2006
hey kiddo!!!

Drew Mitchell

January 12 2006
ATTENTION MR.PEARCY!!!! MISS ESPN NOW HAS A PHUSEBOX. Wow am I amazing or what ? ~ Drew


January 14 2006
I got really bored this morning so I decided to make me a phusebox. Its amazing!!! Check it out ! ~ J Faulkner