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Relationship Status


January 15 2007
I get way too attached too easily...


October 31 2006
I thought this one was pretty neat, so I had some fun with it!

If your life was a movie, what would the soundtrack be? So, here's how it works:
1. Open your library (iTunes, Winamp, Media Player, etc).
2. Put it on shuffle.
3. Press Play.
4. For every question, type the song that's playing.
5. When you go to a new question, press the Next button.
6. Don't lie and try to pretend you're cool.
7. Don't skip songs.

---Eh, sometimes repeat artists come up.... skip it or keep it. . .whatever

Opening Credits
"L-O-V-E" Natalie Cole

Waking Up
"Even Better Than the Real Thing" U2

First Day at School
"Rocky Top" The Pride of the Southland Marching Band

Breaking up
"Bad Girl" Usher

"Healing Rain" Michael W. Smith

Life's Okay
"Over The Rainbow" Ray Charles and Johnny Mathis

Mental Breakdown
"Crazy" Gnarls Barkley

Falling In Love
"Your Song" Moulin Rouge

"Days Go By" Keith Urban

"Mockingbird" Eminem

Getting Back Together
"Save The Last Dance For Me" Michael Buble

"Zing! Went The Strings of My Heart" Frank Sinatra

Birth of a Child
"Trust Me" The Fray

Final Battle
"Down Once More/Track Down This Murderer" Phantom of the Opera

Death Scene
"Don't Phunk With My Heart" Black Eyed Peas

Funeral Song
"I Ain't In Checotah Anymore" Carrie Underwood

So Long 
"Remember Me" Mark Schultz

Dave Barnes

September 14 2006
So I missed Dave Barnes in concert about two weeks ago at the Blue Cats location here in Knoxville. This made me very sad.

Then I found out that our lovely Campus Entertainment Board brought him to campus for a FREE concert.

Then I found out that the Baptist Collegiate Ministry was sponsoring the event. I was really excited.

So I went to the UC where the concert was being held...and the line to get in was out the door...which really sucked. I walked up the line to see if i could find anybody I knew in line, which surprisingly I didn't.  I got to the front were the BCM set up a table, and was promptly informed that all BCM members get reserved seating in the first five rows...SWEET!

Later after the concert we were told that BCM members get to meet Dave...I was rushed upstairs and through some MEET the Barnesness in person! So I got to joke and laugh with Dave.  We got a group picture.  It was an all around incredible night.  Dave is one of the most hilarious people alive.


Power T

September 03 2006

The REAL Score:

35-0 until 3 minutes left in the third quarter...when Fulmer had the second and THIRD string teams on the field.  And we were supposed to lose to  #9 Cal...

Cal...can you say OVERRATED?

This team looks a lot more familiar...

WOOHOO!!! Go Vols!



September 01 2006

-Odds the Pride of the Southland Marching Band plays the best rendition ever of Cal’s fight song


Odds the Pride’s drum major gets into fisticuffs with the officiating crew


Odds Coach Fulmer responds to any bad Vol play with a bout of clapping

No line

    Odds some group will attempt to start the wave


    Odds they’ll attempt the wave while the Vols are on offense

    Even money

    Odds Jim Bob Cooter plays in the game


    Odds Jim Bob Cooter is shown on television and his name discussed by announcers


    Odds that Erik Ainge will throw the first Vol pass

    No line

    Odds that Jonathan Crompton will attempt a pass


 Odds that Britton Colquitt will throw a pass

    1: 1,000,000

    Over/Under on number of Volunteer tailbacks who play


    Over/under on rushing yards for Arian Foster


    Over/under on rushing yards for Erik Ainge


    Over/under on number of times Rocky Top is played


    Over/under on attendance


    Over/under on TD catches by a Vol TE

    (just pick under)

    Over/under on number of “scores of interest” that are actually of interest


The Weekend

September 01 2006
Thursday Night. Club Tonic. AAAwwwwesommme. Friday Night. Opening Night Eve. Partttyyy. Saturday.  GAME DAY! ORANGE NATION! MY FIRST GAME EVERRRRRR...WOOHOO! GO VOLS!

can you tell im EXCITED??


Au Revoir, The Boro

August 10 2006
Come 5 a.m., I pack up my bags and hit the road for Knoxville.

For College.

For the future.

For a long time.

I'll be back here and there, but it won't be the same.

Goodbye to all my friends to whom I haven't properly said goodbye to.

I will miss you all.


Funny Quotations and Pics from Alaskan Stores

August 03 2006

"Love is grand. Divorce is 20 grand."

"I don't approve of political jokes. I've seen too many of them elected!"

"Everyone brings joy here. Some when they enter and others when they leave."

"It ain't your jeans that make your butt look fat!"

"I'm not a complete idiot, parts of me are missing."

"The trouble with some women is, they get all excited about nothing, then they marry him!"

"Do not talk about yourself, we'll do that after you leave."

"When I married Mr. Right, I didn't know his first name was ALWAYS!"

"Don't worry about what people think - they don't do it often."

"Gossiper:  One who will never tell a lie if the truth will do more damage."

"Brain cells come and brain cells go but fat cells live forever!"

Thus ends the interesting quotations.


..::listen to your heart::.

July 24 2006

That's how everything begins. A glance, a touch that
sparks emotion. It sends the signal to your brain that is electric. And
then your brain sends a signal to your heart that makes you feel warm
and fuzzy. It starts out so small, but it can develop into so much more…

sustained eye contact that sends messages back and forth. It makes
those dusty butterflies in your stomach shake of their wings and
flutter. The lump in your throat rises. The red in your cheeks shows
off is rosy hue. Your legs weaken, you don't know what to do with your
hands, and suddenly you care about how you look.

accidental touch that sends chills up your spine. It makes you stop and
indulge. Makes you turn and think, "Did…did that…did that really
happen—to me? Wow." Savor every memory. You look over at them and
everything else disappears. The hairs on the back of your neck stand

The look, the feel that everything's alright.

grows on you. The comfort you feel when you're around them. Knowing
you'll always have someone to hold you tight, to make you feel
complete. Someone you can talk to for hours or sit with in silence
forever. The dependence begins.

Mutual habits begin to form,
things are understood. You feel secure in anything—with them. When you
are without the other, you aren't the only one that notices. You
delight yourself in the knowledge that when they are gone, you'll get
to see them soon. You talk until the early morning about anything and
everything. You begin to learn love.

And then they are gone.

The problem is that the feeling that you felt and came so naturally isn't.

you know that whenever that one person talks to you, those same
butterflies dust off their wings once again and make you weak. Even
though you know you shouldn't, you give them trust as if nothing had
happened, and you hope that tomorrow is better than today.

My butterflies were dusted off this weekend.

<I wrote this in February, but I felt the need to repost it because it is very applicable to my life right now.  Luckily right now I'm not experiencing the sadder latter portion of the essay....hope you enjoyed.>


Attention Fantasy Football Fans!

July 21 2006
I have a premium league at that came with NFL Head Coach.

We really need more teams to sign up.  It only costs $10 to join the league and that goes towards prize money.  Let me know if you are interested!

Live Draft Party! hopefully. lol.

Hit me up!


July 08 2006

July 8-16.

Au revoir.


Fantasy Football 2006

July 04 2006

To all who are interested:

I have a premium league commissioner account at

If you want to be in the league, message or remark me to let me know.  I'll give you more details on league entry fees when you ask.

It won't be extremely expensive, but all entry fee money will be placed in a pot and distributed to the top 2-3 teams.  I'll decide on how the pot will be divided when I can judge how much interest there is, and how much the entry fee will be.

I've been checking out the site, because I haven't ever used EA before, but it looks pretty tight. 

We will be doing a live draft party, so you have to be fairly close to Murfreesboro if you want to be in. 



MUUUUUUCHO BELATED MEXICO QUOTES...yes i know it isn't the correct usage of the word elizabeth duncan...

July 04 2006
MEXICO 2006  

"Voulez-vous choucher avec nous, ce soir?" -Xavier


"Brian, my pants are falling down!" -KT


"Katie, will you pull my pants down?!" -Brian


"Kelsey flashed me!" -Me


"Kelsey, flash me again! I need the light..." -Brian


"BAD KATIE!" uttered MANY a time by Brian


"Flash him Kelsey!" -Brian
"I've got it covered guys, I've got it covered." -Kelsey
" you don't..." -Brian


"Don't hit that...that still has to make an entire royal family!" -Brian


"Can I get back on you? Pleeeeeeeease?!" -Brian


"What does that mean?" -Katie
"Uh...Katie...that's not French.  Those are noises..." -Brian and Ben


"Her new nickname is 'Flash'!" -Ben
"...and it's not because she's fast!" -Katie


Monica Lewinski--Brian's new nickname...


"Holy crap!  I've got money coming out of my pants!" -Brian


"Wanna make a monkey?!" -Brian to Kelsey


"Let's go to bed." -Kelsey to group
"Your bed or mine?" -Brian to Kelsey


"What are we going to do tomorrow for 7 hours?" -Brian
*snicker* -Kelsey


"You can't kill me...think of what the world would have to go through!" -Brian
"...I could brind chips to the party!" -Xavier


Set scene:  Brian and Xavier have been continually fighting for most of the time we have been contained in our bunks for the night...commonly referred to as curfew...

Brian is on the bottom bunk.  Xavier is on the top.  Brian is kicking Xavier's bed.

Xavier/Sasquatch has enough, jumps out of his bed and attacks Brian in his, all after lights out.  Only I am right next to it so I can make out large shapes. 

As Xavier jumps into Brian's bed to attack, several coins hit the floor, and as EVERYONE is either sleeping or dead silent, they break the silence in a big way.

Immediately after the coins hit the floor, Brian says seductively, "You don't have to pay yet!"


"We had so much fun last night..." - Kelsey


"I can see Emily's crotch!" -Katie


"You're doing that on purpose Katie! You just want to look up her skirt again!" -Brian


"I want buttless chaps." -Brian

This concludes your tour of the more interesting conversation had while south of the border. Hope you enjoyed. Especially Brian who is recovering from death, and Kelsey who is exiled on MTSU's campus.


Canon Digital Rebel XT

July 03 2006

This is my new toy.  MMMMMMMMM.

I get it Wednesday...just in time to take to NY for some amazing photos...



June 29 2006
So there's this girl.

And she lives an hour ahead of me.

And we have a lot in common.

And she makes me excited.

I enjoy talking to her immensely.


Manly Men

June 23 2006

Enough said.



June 16 2006

I got a haircut today.

I enlisted.

I'm taking requests on how to style my hair. 



Ah, Hunter. The one whom I was counting on would not read my post and expose my shortcomings.  Tis true that I in fact did not enlist in what most people preconceive as anything associated with the United States government, however in his attempt to brutally discredit me, he revealed the truth.  I have in fact joined the KISS Army, which I also know nothing about except for the fact that their slogan is a cheesy knockoff of the U.S. Army's in that it states this: "An Army of Tongue".  See, I meant cheesy.  But I must point out that I never explicitly said "armed forces", and in this instance, Hunter drew his own conclusions.  In fact, upon further meditation and investigation, I have decided to be most dis-honorably discharged from the KISS Army and rouse up a rebel force with a single, decided goal: to destroy the KISS Army.  And with that, I leave open my remark box as an enlistment notification service to all those who want to join an armed force that will strive for the common good.  The other two things are true though, however hair styling is going to be a bit difficult.

Recent Project

June 15 2006

Current Events

June 14 2006

Turned 18. Hot sizzle.

Broke my pinky at Freshman Orientation at UT. Much fun was had there in only two nights. hehe.

My class schedule for first semester:

    1:25-3:20 pm: Marching Band (Music Ensemble 359)
    5:45-8:35 pm: Communications and Information 150

    8:10-9:25 am: Honors Psychology  117
    9:40-10:55 am: Biology 101
    2:10-3:25 pm: University Honors 100
    3:40- 4:55pm: Honors English 118
    6:30-7:30 pm: Brass Sectional Rehearsal (not a class)

    9:05-11:00 am: Biology Lab
    1:25-3:20 pm: Marching Band
    8:10-9:25 am: Honors Psychology 117
    9:40-10:55 am: Biology 101
    3:40-4:55 pm: Honors English 118

    1:25-3:20 pm: Marching Band

Then when I got home I was greeted with my birthday present...a 20.1" widescreen display with tons of features. yeah. its spiffy.

That's a recap of my current events. Hope you enjoyed.


My Adventure to the Apple Store

June 10 2006

So. This morning I woke up, mowed two lawns, then showered up for my trip into Green Hills (Nashville) to go to the Apple Store in the Green Hills Mall.  You see, my iPod has been kinda quirky the past two weeks, and though I made a trip to the Apple Store about two weeks ago to fix it, it started to act like a defiant teenager to me again last night.  So I embark on my quest at 1:40, as I have a 2:50 appointment at the Genius Bar to get them to do something that I apparently could do, but can't.  You see, they make it look so easy, and even when I try to do the same thing they did during my previous visit, it won't work for me.  So I take the same route there...840 to I24 to I440.  I like making the trip actually, as I enjoy the think time and I would really like to take a road trip, but I digress.  I arrive at the Mall at Green Hills at approximately 2:20-2:30.  I enter the Apple Store, where no one is in line at the Genius Bar.  So I stroll up to it, discuss some logistics with the resident Genius, and he takes my iPod, does a quick fix, and I'm good to go.  It looked like it was working.  So I stroll around (a trip of that distance isn't truly justified by merely entering and leaving the Apple Store in a matter of 10 minutes.) and pick up an Apple Remote for whatever.  I find a guy who graduated from LaVergne working there, and we talk for a few.  I then pay for the remote and go to the Gap and buy a nice polo with a gift card I received for my birthday, then leave, with plans to visit the nearby CompUSA as I have a gift card and found directions online while in the Apple Store.  On my way to CompUSA, I decide to begin uploading songs to my renewed iPod as I had my laptop with me.  When I reach my destination, I look down at the laptop screen and find out my iPod was "not a readable or writable disk" (or for those that want a simple wont talk with my computer, and my computer can't talk with it.)  With disgust, I decide to spend a few minutes browsing CompUSA and then return to the Apple Store to get it checked out again.  I find nothing of great interest (i.e. the card is for $25 dollars, and I just spent the last of my cash on the remote).  I leave and retrace my tracks five miles back to the Apple Store, realizing that this time I do not have an appointment, and if crowded, I may not be able to see a Genius for a while.  After waiting through three other customers before the scheduled person didn't show, I proceeded to discuss my newfound problem with a different Genius, the one who worked with me two weeks previous.  He also remembered me, and we hit it off again.  He ran the same problem solver program (iPod Updater...after a bit of Disk Utility and erasing), and I wasn't leaving until I was satisfied it would work, so I pulled out my laptop upon his advising as well, to make sure that it wouldn't run into any snags.  He then told me that he would like to help me more, but my iPod was more than a month out of warranty.  Me being the amazing random detail oriented guy I am, remembered that there was no way the iPod was out of warranty by a month, being that my dad bought it for me after May 29, 2005 for my birthday while I was at Governor's School. (May 29 was the day Gov. School started).  So I asked him if the warranty wasn't more than a month expired, what he could do, especially since it was him I saw two weeks ago for the same problem.  He told me that he needed proof of the purchase date, i.e. a reciept, which I had long ago lost I'm sure.  Luckily Best Buy keeps records, so I called them and asked them when I/my dad bought the iPod, and they told me June 9, 2005.  I asked the Genius if June 9, 2005 was acceptable being that it was yesterday and I saw him two weeks previously for the same problem.  He said he would try and work with me, but mentioned that the iPod was working now.  I then asked him how many times I have to come for the same problem before it is considered "replaceable".  He told me he understands, and that since I live in Murfreesboro it is a bit of a drive, but he needed a hardcopy reciept. So now I depart the mall again, but this time I head to Hickory Hollow to the Best Buy there.  After about 25 minutes of driving, I pull into the parking lot there and walk in, and the girl I talked to on the phone prints up my receipt.  I noticed an accident on I24 on the other side (the way I would go back) so I asked if there was an alternative route they knew of.  After confusing directions and unsufficient routes, I decide to take Bell Road all the way back to Hillsboro Parkway (mind you it has 8045980394598 lights.)  Surprising only like 3 of them were red.  So I made it back to the Apple Store in roughly 20-25 minutes.  I walk in and the "old-reliable" Genius isn't there, so I have to explain my story to the currently available guy.  After much storytelling ( I failed to tell them this entire time that the reason the case is slightly out of line is not because I've been "squishing" it, it is
 actually because Best Buy replaced the hard drive about three weeks ago, which I imagine would have voided any such warranty that I was pleading for.), the Genius gave me a shiny new iPod (still photo mind you), took my old one away, and lectured me that this one only had a 90 day warranty and I need to be more careful about not "squishing" it.  So after that escapade, I leave the mall for the last time, smiling all the way.  I return home at 7:00 pm., about 5 hours and 20 minutes spent on the whole shbang.  I return happily though, as my mom has a smoothie made for me, dinner was just finished cooking, and I have a shiny new iPod that I have yet to name.  I then watched Tristan and Isolde, very good movie.  And that brings us to the end of my day.


In memory of "Ben Moser's iPod", as it was never officially given any name but of the one referred to.

June 9, 2005 - June 10, 2006