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December 12 2005

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yeah..... so i should be studying

youre so vain you probably think this blog is about you

December 05 2005

i admit it - i am a people watcher

i watched the girls throughout highschool- saw their stupid mistakes, their tricks for attention, their retarded need for others and was disgusted. i vowed not to be like that and i wasn't - until now.

Hindsight is 20/20

i hate looking back at the time since coming to college and going....

hmm... was i out of my mind? 

so back to as sad as it sounds, i'm "going back" to high school now in some ways. I'm not sure if i had changed or was just playing the great act that i'm so good at - grrr that's not what God wants for me. In highschool i heard so many times, "i like you because you are real." it didn't mean much- til now.

I hate pretenses.

 i hate half-truthes

(although thanks to Glenda Sullivan I learned to use them well). Political Science is me because I'm good at showing people what they want to see. this is sooooo much more person than i ever wanted to blog, but hey, if I know that i'm like this and you know i'm like this- maybe you'll come closer to seeing me  the real me, not just what i show you.

so does this blog mean i'm changing majors? well since this summer that has constantly been unknown. for right now, i'm here. man i'd like to just be blindfolded and led along, but i guess i already am. only HE can knows whats ahead of me. I just hope it's different from what i've left behind.


December 03 2005



Aren't we gorgeous?and yes, I'm laughing, probably at Kim but there is no way of telling ~~ te he he

ah.... finally, a real blog

December 02 2005

so i haven't really written in FOREVER - or if i have it's been random and short, so................................

life has been crazy and hectic and stressful lately - but hey, that's life!

so, today is friday!!!! hooray! tonight, my beautiful Kimberleia and I will get to dress up in pretty dresses like princesses and journey to the far away kingdom of the BCM for the BCM formal. how fun is that? and then!!!! yep, we're changing into out pj's and watching a movie there! yeah, i know--- flippin' sweet!

right now as i look around me I'm thinking "wow! i'm soooo messy!" there are clothes everywhere. yeah so while kim is at work i'll be cleaning.... the whole time!

I wish life had a pause button. or someway to just go back a relive those moments of infinite happiness that i took for granted while they were happening. there sould be some flashinging neon sign that says "enjoy while it lasts"

we did tribute speeches in speech today. man, i love my family. i'm not sure i can ever express that enough. they are soooo great.

so ok guys--- time to fess up. the past few days have been emotionally wired and draining at the same tiem. when i get like that I have a reallllllly good loooooonnnnnnggggggggggg cry and then i'm good and i can handle it. do you do that, or will you admit it?


November 30 2005

why the heck do i even care?


November 22 2005
my roommate flippin' flyin' rocks my face off!!!!!!!


November 21 2005
research papers bite my ankles!


November 13 2005

Happy 19th Birthday Christopher!

photo from kim

life happens

November 07 2005

wow! life is sooooo crazy right now - i mean, i guess that is nothing new or out of the ordinary!  life isn't as fun when its not crazy, but right now I feel like a little kid watching a movie instead of me living my life. sometimes everything is slow motion and others it happens so fast. I wish i could find an instant replay button in order to figure out what the heck is going on at times........ well, now that i have rambled on for a while...... })i({

The Princess Bride

November 04 2005

 The Princess Bride is the best movie ever! I hadn't seen it in a while and so as my roomie abandoned me I watched it tonight! yay! so it's time for some wonderful quotes!!!!!

W- "Hear this now- I will always come for you."

B- "How can you be sure?"

W- This is True Love. You think this happens everyday?"

 I do not accept excuses. I am just going to have to find myself a new giant

E- "Who are you?!?!"

W- "No one of consequence."

E- "I must know."

W- "Get used to disappointment."

   "I do not envy you the headache you will have when you awake,    but in the meantime- rest well, and dream of LARGE women."

"She is alive - or at least she was an hour ago - if she is otherwise when I find her, I will be very PUT OUT!"

life IS pain, highness. Anyone who says differently is selling something

B- "We will never survive!"

W- "Nonsense. You're only saying that because no one ever has."

"Yes you're very smart. Now, shut up!"

You can't hurt me. Wesley and I are joined by the bonds of love

-and you cannot track that

not with a thousand bloodhounds

-and you cannot break it

not with a thousand swords

- and when I say that you are a coward

that is only because youa are the slimiest weakling

to ever crawl the earth

    ...and thank you so much for bringing up something so painful.     Why didn't you just give me a nice paper cut and pour some lemon juice in it?

mk.... so more later when i finish the movie... enjoy!

finally a poem from lit class that i like

November 02 2005


a woman is not a potted plant                                   
by Alice Walker


her roots bound
to the confines
of her house

a woman is not
a potted plant
her leaves trimmed
to the contours
of her sex

a woman is not
a potted plant
her branches
against the fences
of her race
her country
her mother
her man

her trained blossom
this way
& that
to follow
the sun
of whoever feeds
and waters

a woman
is wilderness
holding the future
between each breath
walking the earth
only because
she is free
and not creepervine
or tree.

Nor even honeysuckle
or bee.


November 01 2005

so the above picture is  how crazy my life has been recently   

i feel like i'm going every direction at once with God, the parentals, school, papers, exams, speeches, commitments, old friends, new friends, change, guys, confusion, a huge lack of sleep, lots of candy, and retarded heat in the dorms

and that's about how i feel about it ~ i really need some sleep plus a long ride in the middle of nowhere followed by a reeeeeeaaaaally long bubble bath - or at least that's the series of events that worked when i got stressed in high school - but college is NOTHING like high school! i love it, but at times i miss the sweet ignorant bliss that is "on a hill in Dickson County, reared against the sky"

so i bs'ed my way through my comm speech Monday morning, by the grace of God and only by the grace of God. yeah, it's times like that when i actually thank Him for the 4 yrs serving General Sullivan.

 te he he.

i'll be turing in an english paper late tomorrow - if i ever stop procrastinating and do it - maybe that's the problem... ok one of many

good news though - i more than survived the Foundations of government test - I GOT AN A!!! o my that test was rape of the brain. so once again.... THANK GOD! (because it was sooooooo not me)

aight- well i guess i'll get off and go to work - wonderful fun - at the ever exciting library

picks, ponies, and politics

October 19 2005

photo from kim
my wonderful roomie made me guitar pick earrings!!!! isn't she awesome? yeah, she loves me! if you are interested in buying some, she might make you some -just ask- but mine are awesome!!!so the fall break at home and at Bucksnort was a blast! we finally sold the demonic pony! yay! PRAISE THE LORD!i had so much fun riding, dancing, and just being in the country away from the boro.returning to the world of essays and midterms was not fun. i had/have a major political science test. i was gonna take it early since i'm leaving for georgetown, but he forgot to leave it for i guess i'll take it when i get backlast night/this morning i was writing a critique for comm and decided to take a nap at 1:30 AM.... well, I woke up and it was 7amyeahso i slept in my clothes (note: not that i sleep without clothes for those of you that took that that way - there is a strong diff between pj's and real clothes) and my contacts, neither of which left me comfortablewellI gotta finish packing for DC!!! yay! I'm so excited!model un is gonna rock my face offandI'm gonna rock model un})i({

taking a note from justin

October 11 2005
well as usual, reading justin vance's blog hit me right where i needed to be hit. he wrote,

"I’ve accepted the fact that I don’t need to know what will happen along the way, only what direction I am pointing. For I am sure of my destination, and I rest in that peace, but the planning, human side of me wants to talkback in question. He wants to ask for a plan, for answers, for just a little more light on the situation than I’ve been given at this moment."

this is a brick wall i keep hitting. if you know me, you know i am agressive in everything i do and will take charge in any situation. this summer God forcefully reminded me that i am not in control of my life no matter how much i try to be. i gave it to God, but every now and then, i stumble, become insecure, and grapple hopelessly and helplessly for the security i find in the control i don't really have. I know that He is in control. I know that His way is sooooooo much better than mine. perhaps its me that i don't trust, perhaps its everyone else. I don't really know, but i guess i don't have to. I just have to let go- and just be .

Christmas in October!!!!

October 10 2005
I got a package!!!!!!! The Acteens of First Baptist Waverly rock my face off! I went to check my wonderful general delivery mail today (because cool kids at the end of the alphabet take forever to get an assigned box, gah). The postal man broght out this good size box and said, "Is this you?" (te he he - my id says Erin and all my mail says Dani so as usual i'm confusing and difficult for people). YAY! Shaking it, I knew it contained candy. I opened it to find one of the sweetest homeade cards ever and loads of candy, bags of popcorn, fun girlie paper! yay! i feel loved! it's like Christmas in October!!!

Gorgeous Gals

October 09 2005

photo from kim

have you ever seen 2 more beautiful girls in your life? this is Kim and me goofing around at the BCM - for more fun pics see her page

yes! amazing!

October 06 2005
ok - so like i said i'm getting pretty addicted to these little quiz things. this one was no suprise. Romans is one of my favorite books! ahhhhh love it ~ and once again it fits rather well....

You Are Romans
You are Romans.

Which book of the Bible are you?
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National Nathan is my Hero day

October 05 2005

photo from nathan
For those of you who are not lucky enough to know of the mangod that is Nathan Moore, I must tell you about his awesome nathan-ness. When Nathan types, the birds sing more sweetly, the sun shine more brightly, and all the world is at peace. Before Nathan, I was just a simple peasant, but now i am free through Nathan's magnificent love in Phusebox. No one could ever compare to Nathan and so today is hereby NATIONAL NATHAN IS MY HERO DAY ! There shall be parades, contests, games, feasting, and lots of chocolate for me - all in his honor.

Get out your party hats and celebrate!



October 04 2005
yeah so these quiz things greatly amuse me at the moment - um, for those of you that know me you will find these results interesting and amazingly close to home - te he he anyway - lemme know how close you think they are

The Priss
Deliberate Brutal Love Dreamer (DBLDf)

Mature. Responsible. Aristocratic. Excuse me. The Priss.

Prisses are the smartest of all female types. You're highly perceptive, and confident in your judgements. You'd take brutal honesty over superficiality any time--your friends always know where they stand with you. You're completely unfake. Don't tell me that's not a word. You're also excellent at redirecting internal negative energy.

These facts indicate people are often intimidated by you. They also fall for you, hard. You have a distant, composed allure that many find irresistible. If only more of them lived up to your standards.

Your exact opposite:
The Playstation

Random Gentle Sex Master
You were probably the last among your friends to have sex. And the first to pretend that you're pregnant. LOL. Though you're inclined to use sex as weapon, at least it's not as one of mass destruction. You're choosier than most about your partners. A supportive relationship is what you're really after. Whether you know it or not, you need something steady & long-term. And soothing.

ALWAYS AVOID: The Playboy, The Loverboy

CONSIDER: The Manchild

Link: The 32-Type Dating Test by OkCupid - Free Online Dating.
My profile name: dwsparkle

where i stand

October 03 2005
so i learn new things everyday - i pretty much knew i would be a centrist (dang, glenda sullivan for corrupting me) but this was quite interesting- ah -so here you go do with it what you will - no hatemails or hitlists please

You are a
Social Moderate
(41% permissive)

and an...
Economic Liberal
(35% permissive)

You are best described as a:


Link: The Politics Test on OkCupid Free Online Dating
Also: The OkCupid Dating Persona Test