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GRILLZ - translated

May 27 2006
Rob the jewelry store and force them to make me some jewelry for my teeth
My teeth are covered with diamonds on the top and gold on the bottom

(Jermaine Dupri)
Pay attention! We are about to start a dental jewelry epidemic with this song
You know what this is. It's so great.

I've got 30 diamonds covering my bottom teeth and 30 more at the top
They have invisible settings and look like little ice cube blocks
If I could name my mouth the way we name alcoholic drinks, I'd call this jewelry a "Smile on the Rocks"
If I could call out a price, I would tell you that it cost a lot
I have platinum and white gold, traditional gold
I change my dental jewelry every day the way rapper Jay-Z changes clothes
I might be wearing some beautiful dental jewelry while in my white t-shirt,
Or I could be on South Beach wearing my wife beater (sleeveless t-shirt)
The diamonds on my teeth are excellent quality, as you can see
You understand, my grandmother hates me to wear them, but my girlfriend loves it
because when I...

Open up your mouth, the jewelry on your teeth is gleaming
And I keep my eyes low because I smoked a lot of marijuana and your dental jewelry is so bright it hurts to look at it

I have got some dental jewelry I call "penny candy", because it has many different colored gems
It also looks like the candies Now n' Laters, gum drops and jelly beans, all of which come in many colors
I wouldn't leave it for anything--only a crazy man would
So if you see me in your city, somewhere out in your neighborhood, just say,

"Smile for me, boyfriend
(What are you looking at?)
Please, let me see your dental jewelry
(Let you see my what?)
Your dental jewelry."
(Rob the jewelry store and force them to make me some jewelry for my teeth )
She said, "Smile for me, boyfriend
(What are you looking at?)
Let me see your dental jewelry
(Let you see my what?)
Your dental jewelry."
(The top was all diamonds and the bottom was pink gold made from and alloy of gold mixed with copper)

(Paul Wall)
What are you doing, dear?
I'm Houston rapper Paul Wall and I am as famous for designing diamond dental jewelry for celebrities as I am for making music
My own personal dental jewelry has so many diamonds that it reflects light like a disco ball covered with tiny mirrors
I have all the diamonds set by hand
And there are so many diamonds that look like ice they could lower the temperature if I took a deep breath
My teeth are gleaming as if I were chewing on aluminum foil
I'm smiling, showing off my diamonds and sipping on a famous illegal Houston cocktail made with prescription cough syrup

I don't just boast about diamonds--I actually bought some dental jewelry for myself
Mine contains 20 carats of diamonds and cost me $30,000, so everyone can see for themselves that I am genuinely wealthy
I feel motivated by the high quality diamonds of approximately 1/3 carat each
The jewelry in my mouth simply symbolizes success
I also have very expensive watches and necklaces that draw attention
But it's my smile that really makes people stare at me
My mouth jewelry simply certifies that I am a real success
When I open up my mouth and you see more carats than a salad has carrots
My teeth are amazing and cause strong emotions in everyone who sees them
You could call me George Foreman, because like him, I sell a lot of grills


I have got yellow, purple and red stones in my dental jewelry
The lights reflecting from my mouth are going to hit you and make you dizzy
You can see me in my convertible car with the top down
The jewels in my mouth are brightly colored like a box of Kellogg's Froot Loops cereal for children

This is what we do in St. Louis
We wear diamond dental jewelry and speak in Southern slang
Where the hustlers sell drugs
And the gangsters shoot guns
Where I have the diamonds in my mouth, they are easy to see
On the top and the bottom
You can see how expensive they were

I don't mean to show disrespect to others, but I want this fact to be known
I was the first to wear this fashion of diamond dental jewelry
Yes, these cheap women can hardly see because my sparkling mouth makes their vision blurry
I'm driving a car with fancy wheels and you can see my mouth jewelry

I have got four different sets of dental jewelry, which is fabulous
One set is white gold and one is yellow gold, like the two big chains often worn together by Brooklyn rapper Fabolous
And the other set is the same, but it has my name on it

(The top row is all diamonds and the bottom row is gold)


Boy, how you get your teeth that way and
How much did you pay for your dental jewelry?
Every time I see you
The first thing I'm going to say is, "Hey.....