I love Jeff Pratt

October 05 2005
What an incredible passionate man of God. He is the director of YWAM New Haven, CT that reaches out to Yale University, and one of the best speakers we have grace our presence here at YWAM NY. He can quote scripture, TS Elliott, Aristostle, and St. Augustine all in one breath without ever looking at notes. Incredible. And what he says is so passionate and deep and simple all at the same time.

He led our staff training yesterday, and we are all still feeding off what he shared.

Christianity is a pilgramage towards home. Not heaven, but Christ Himself. And where is Christ? He dwells within us. Home is inside us.

But too often we live outside ourselves.

"Home is the center of my being where I can hear the voice that says I am His beloved, chosen, marked by His love, the delight of His life."

The ultimate journey yet to remain is the journey into the stillness deep within our souls



Wake up, o sleeper. Learn who you are.

A child.

A lover of God.

A revolutionary.

We are in a war, a war the enemy constantly tries to convince us isn't happening.

The world is not a five star motel for us to gain as much comfort and pleasure from before our visit is over.

This world is a prison, a place of correction and training.

And we have weapons. Of course, we have the typical armor of God, but there are other weapons that are defeating the enemy in great ways in our current time.

Acts of compassion. We need to be a people who preach less and act more. The world doesn't care about our philosphy. They care about our hearts, our sincerity. How can they believe that our religion is based around love if we don't love? When we stand up for compassion and act out in love, it dissolves the lie that we are a fake, heartless people.

Intimacy with God. This so speaks for itself, yet we abandon this first. Why can't we see that knowing Him in intimate ways helps the world realize that He is real? People can argue our beliefs, but they can't debate our experiences.

Music and the arts. What captures our attention? What catches our eye? Art. Creativity. Colors and unique design. Beautiful chords with honest lyrics. Through music and the arts, we can convey God's thoughts and feelings to a world that doesn't believe in Him.

"We are a generation stuck between a dream and the reality of that dream coming true."

I want to see the dream come true.

I want to fight.

I want to sacrifice.