Pain. Lots of pain.

September 29 2005
So I sneezed a few minutes ago and it hurt so bad!!
I've injured my back. Now I don't mean that my back is a little sore. I mean, I've injured my back. To the point that sometimes I can't walk and many times I can't stand up straight. So for four days I've been laying here on the couch in my room, icing my back, watching movies, reading my Bible, playing on the internet (thank God I have a laptop).
I went to the doctor yesterday and he said that the pain is either coming from a joint or a disk. I have a strong feeling it's a disk. He gave me these anti-inflammatory pills, well they're not really pills, more like little balls, that I dissolve under my tongue. He's a homeopathic doctor, which means he likes really natural remedies, probably like God intended us to take care of our bodies.
So please pray for me, friends. Pray that I have a quick recovery, because I hate not being able to work. Pray that I heal completely. Pray that I have the money to deal with this and still pay my normal bills. And pray that I really spend quality time with God and not TLC and my DVD player.

Rachael Moore

September 29 2005
awww ashley! i am so sorry about your back! i will be praying for you! call me sometime if you want! i love you!