Woohoo for Brooklyn

September 22 2005
Good news.
Nick, our base director, had a meeting with a church in Brooklyn about hosting a lot of our ministry in their building. We have been trying to find a location inside NYC for literally 14 years, so this was a big deal to us. And he said yes. It should be a great facility. The Frontier Missions DTS just finished their school there and really enjoyed it. It is a great neighborhood. Bay Ridge, right off the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway (the BQE for locals). So we are getting ready to get really busy as an urban team, which I am really excited about. The scary part is this is a huge step towards relocating our ministry into the city. A part of me really wants to move into the city, and a part of me is really scared. It's so expensive!
So I'm not going to think about it until I have to. Another good point is I have really expressed a desire to take over our short term mission teams that we host in the city. Of course, now they will be hosted in Brooklyn at this church, and I will pack up and live in Brooklyn one week after another as each team comes. But this is what is really special to me about this. The teams are usually youth groups or college groups. When I moved here, I was figuring I would not be doing youth ministry anymore, and although that made me sad, I figured I would enjoy whatever God had for me. But now I see myself getting back into youth ministry, but different than I've ever done it. I get to plan the mission trips and host group after group. I get to work with youth all over the country, encouraging them, teaching them, and doing ministry with them. Can you believe it?? And of course if any of you ever wanted to get together a mission trip inside NYC, just let me know.
“Do not share in the sins of others. Keep yourself pure.” I Timothy 5:22