September 10 2005
The staff conference was great. We laughed alot, cried together. and prayed for everyone. As our "first lady" (the director's wife) said, being prayed for was like a drink of cool, refreshing water. I think it was a great time just to bond all of us together, old and new staff. I have been moved into higher leadership again (which feels weird since I've only been here for five months). I am now the one-on-one leader for one of our younger staff members, like a accountability leader or mentor. I am really honored, because they take these responsibilities very seriously and will never assign it if there is even the slightest bit of question. Well, you know how you would feel... that's how I feel.
Today, I am going to finally catch up on my expense reports, laundry, errands, and Sept. newsletter. The rest of the staff are in the theater preparing for tomorrow night's ball. I'm going with JohnO to the ball. We still need to find dates for a couple of girls, so if any guys in New York want to learn some ballroom dances and have a fun Sunday night, let me know.

I have finally found a place to live
Just like I never could before.
And I know I don't have much to give,
But soon I'll open any door.

Everybody knows the secret,
Everybody knows the score.
I have finally found a place to live
In the presence of the Lord.
In the presence of the Lord
-Eric Clapton

He has made everything beautiful in its time. Ecc. 3:11