New and newer friends

September 02 2005
What a fun time right now at the base!
All the staff, new and old, are showing up in little spurts every day. And others who are wanting to come back but are standing at a place of faith right now due to finances, visas, etc. Coming home to Nina, Lisa, and Grace cuddled up on our couch. Running into Anita's house, squealing as I hug Kelsey so tight. Jumping into Alex's arms when he showed up tonight. Writing Katie encouragement as she is waiting on her visa. Counting down the days with Chris until he is here. Talking about what God can accomplish in New York and getting excited feeding off of everyone's faith.
It is amazing to me that less than one year ago, I didn't know any of these friends. And more amazing to me that they are all in my life now.
We had our first urban meeting since we've all returned from vacation and listening to ideas and projects spill out was exciting.
It is going to be a great fall.

Rachael Moore

September 02 2005
ashley thank you soooo much for talking to me tonight! you are GREAT! i love you! and i am glad you are having fun!

Nathan Moore

September 02 2005
6,000th entry on PhuseBox. congrats.

kelsey shearron

September 04 2005
aye aye....i miss you!