Strangers in the night

February 24 2006

Two guys broke into the base last night.

No one, except Amber, saw them.  One of them accidently tapped her knee while standing next to her bed.  She woke up and pulled her covers from her face to see a flashlight shining in her eyes.  Two guys were standing in her room, one next to her bed and one next to another girl, Stephanie's bed.  They walked out just a few minutes later.  There were five girls sleeping in that room.  And to get to that room from the door we think they broke in through, they would have passed by all our bedrooms, so they could have been in all our rooms.  Nothing was taken or destroyed.  They didn't wake anyone or hurt anyone.  They just broke in, looked around, and left.  Amber laid in her bed for over two hours unable to move she was so scared.

It's weird.  I don't feel scared, but more violated.  Even driving around town, I look at every guy and think, was that one of them?  Did they come into my room too?  What were they doing there?  Did they want to hurt us?  Were they just bored kids?  Why were they just standing in Amber's room, watching them sleep?  Are they going to come back? 

But God is good, and although our locks were crappy (they are being changed today), we have an incredible Protector that will never let anything happen to us.

In peace I will both lie down and sleep, for You alone, O Lord, make me dwell in safety.  Psalm 4:8

Rachael Moore

February 24 2006
oh wow. that scares me just thinking about it... but you know my fear. I am glad you guys are ok!