college makes me sleepy...

October 07 2005
This week has been 110% tiring. I dropped a class, so now I'm taking a slackerish 13 hours. At least it should be a lot less tiring frolm now on, right? For one of those I'm an RA in a psychology lab studying child development. I'm trying to tell myself that this makes it a little better. For the next ffew, I'm just sitting in my room listening to Goo Goo Dolls and thinking about how much life has changed in the past couple of months. It's so hard to reconcile the old with the new sometimes. Things are soooo much different. No matter how much some things change others don't no matter how hard you try. Ironic?

My roommate is out of town, and Matt went to a square dance. My friends are in class and out. It's like tumbleweeds blowing through an abandoned town in an old western. I didn't really feel up to dancing. Hence, I'm going to chill a bit and then go run some errands. Speaking of dunder-dork (I mean that as affectionately as possible), Matt's birthday is soon. I've got a few most excellent presents in mind, but haven't gotten it all together yet...MUAHAHAHAHA!

I miss my friends from home, but college is pretty cool....on the whole

Zach McCain

October 07 2005
Shannon! YAY! I am the first one to ever comment on your site. This makes me happy. I am sorry to hear that you are so tired. I hope that you are doing well. Miss hanging out with you. In Christ, Zach McCain

Matt Fisher

October 08 2005
square dances rock, dunder-dork ehh. We all need to go dancing when we are all in town together.