February 21 2006

It's really been a fantastic couple of weeks. I've been hanging out at the CSC a lot and really don't know what I did without my friends there! It really reminds me of one of my favorite verses.

Proverbs 17:17 "A friend loves at all times and brother is born for adversity."

I've made a TON of friends and they've taught me a lot...or maybe just reaffirmed what part of my heart already knew. Last night we definitely sat around and watched the Emperor's New Groove! HAHAHA! College is amazing!

I'm really psyched to see all my high school friends from the good ole boro!!! That's right kids...UTHSMUN 2006 in 72 hours and 51 minutes.....AHHHHHH I love you guys and I can't wait  to have incredible power over you as co-chair! Just kidding! but...SERIOUSLY (lol)

Find the Grace, you may think it's hiding...but trust me it's there.


the brian king kenobi

February 21 2006
the emperor's new groove is frickin' amazing.

Meagan Wright

February 21 2006
Hey, well we had a fight, over something stupid and its just rough right now, I'm doing my best to stay strong because for the first time I really don't think I was in the wrong. Its tough to let him come to me. Arg. . Fisher attachment or not I still love ya too!


February 22 2006