So i got one..

July 12 2006

I, Christopher G. Slate, am the current owner of a new infiniti!

its blue.

its pretty.

its fast!

who wants to hang out?

Michelle Nicks

July 12 2006
me me me!!!!! I do!!!!! lol... love you...


July 12 2006
i wanna hang out when you jessica and sandra come visit me in knoxvilleeeee :] come when she gets back from the beach??! yeah.

Marybeth Jensen

July 12 2006
Are you just going to ignore my message?

Jessica Hunter

July 12 2006
awe baby im so happy 4 you. gah im glad to be home. cant wait till tomorrow <3

Ariana Pierce

August 04 2006
no no!!!! me me me!!!!!! no I do!!! Can u please be in my friend box!!!!!!!!!!!! love yu,............. Ariana