So Im Conceited?

July 08 2006


but let me point out these things.

i wasnt complaining at all about driving the pathfinder... after all... its a nice car.  but i want a car of my own that i can call mine... just like any other 16 year old.

another thing i should mention... a lot of people called me selfish because they said i wasnt buying the car... well news flash ladies and gentlemen... i am!

so... basically what every single person just commented about... theyre guilty of themselves... this meaning they are hypocrites.

i dont like hypocrites commenting on my posts.

so dont.

p.s. Kim Possible. thanks for the message you sent me... it really did mean a lot.

Jessica Jo

July 09 2006
You aren't conceited. I wouldn't listen to what other people say. They don't know you....they are obviously just trying to voice their opinions when they should keep their mouths shut. Ignore them.


July 09 2006
everyone is a hypocrite Chris.. including yourself. no one is perfect & we've all been conceited, ungrateful, & selfish at some time in our lives. just some of us haven't been as blatant about it as yourself. none of us are perfect though. we all mess up.


July 09 2006
I dont think your conceited, nor am i a hypocrite. when i'm 16, i'm probably gonna want a car of my own too, although i'm prbly gonna be stuck with my mom's broken down mini van or sumthin.

Jeana Lewis

July 10 2006
I didn't read your post as conceited. Conceited means you have an inflated opinion of yourself. I don't think you do. I read it as you're disappointed about the whole car situation. It's EXTREMELY annoying to get your hopes up and have them dashed over and over. You've been dealing with that for months on just the car/motorcycle thing. We should all be more grateful for what we have and we all deal with disappointments. Usually when we're disappointed our friends don't criticize - they understand and remind us that life is FULL of messed up plans and lost intentions. You can't stop it. You only get to decide how you're gonna react. "Attitude is Everything." Don't be grumpy, Chris. I still love you.


July 10 2006
no one should coment on your site then, because we are all human and we are all hypocrits.

Ariana Pierce

August 04 2006
I don't think you selfish and i know YOU bot that car. And you are awsome sooooo cool. Love,Ariana