11 Girls + Me + Hummer Limo = wow i love my life

June 20 2006

This weekend was beyond amazing

all of these people->

stuck in this limo

going to this restaraunt

for the one in brown's birthday.

Black guys hittin on artchalee through the window.

Serious talk with Gaines.

Amazing dinner time experience.

Back in the limo.

heading home.

Back at the house... o what a shame... me stuck in a house with 7 of gorgeous girls in pajamas... darn...

(Whos the hotty in green?)

Truth or dare.

a few awkward pictures which i wont post on my site... Jessica... (wags finger)

My life is amazing...

and guess what... I had all that fun WITHOUT breaking the law ONCE!! haha

but wow...

I know its late... but Happy Birthday Jessica

jessica gaines

June 20 2006
AWh. The last picture is amazing. You two are jsut too cute && thanks for not posting the bad picture. lol. it was nooottt cute. lol. well maybe you thought it was. i love you christopher && maybe i wont go for that guy..but only maybe. <33 Jess

Jessica Hunter

June 20 2006
hey hunni ... thanks so much for coming to my party. its not like u had a horrible time or nething lol. im glad you enjoyed all of my friends .. espacially them giving you all a lap dance. haha ... yeah && thank you SO much 4 not posting the OTHER PICTURE!!!!! haha ... but im sure u get enjoyment out of it. i love to be your girlfriend && best friend <3 // JESSiCA