This needs to be said...

June 11 2006

Camp was last week... it was amazing

the games were amazing... the people were better

i lost my voice...

but not outside during a game... i lost it inside during praise and worship... and iv never fealt better.

I know what your thinkin. "How are you saying this now after you just made the post of not being a good christian?"...

Things change... and camp changed them.

My friendships will change. Or they will be gone.

My musical talent will change. Or it will be gone.

My relationship will change. Or it will be gone.

None of this will GOD take away.  He allows us to sin...  He is infact a fair god.  He wont FORCE us to do anything we dont want to do.

This is what i want to do.

Live a better life.  And if that means giving up the things i love the most... then so be it.  As Momma #2 said in my comments. Eternity is a long time to play around with... and its not worth the things im doing.

GOD bless.


P.S.- Life is our battlefield. Iv worn my armor. Then i took it off... But its back on. So i have 3 words for ya.... BRING IT ON!

Jessica Jo

June 11 2006
I'm really proud of you Chris...really proud.

Meagan McCann

June 11 2006
im so happy debe!! and proud!! and excited!!!! i love you sooooo much meag

Russell Rodden

June 11 2006
I choose to post only ONE remark on....