A month from today...

May 16 2006

A month from this very day... i will infact be 16...

kinda cool...

so heres my list... you all get to make all the unchecked ones... checked =)

Philip Persio watch... CHECK

Armani sunglasses... CHECK

Versaci sunglasses... CHECK

Video ipod... CHECK

Car. (maybe one iv already picked out)... MOST  LIKELY CHECK

New guitar... CHECK

American Eagle clothes... UNCHECKED

Hollister shirts... UNCHECKED

Chiuahua (Chi-Wa-Wa)... UNCHECKED

My own music room... UNCHECKED

Digital camera... UNCHECKED

Cold-hard cash... UNCHECKED

A new motorola SLVR... UNCHECKED

ok thats what i want... if it doesnt say "CHECK"  after it... then you have to get it for me... SURPRISE!!

have a nice day



May 16 2006
ur just now turning 16 ,hah i thought u were like 18 or something. weird. ive been 16 since november. im a sophmore , they call us sophies, haha.

kayla hale

May 16 2006
haha like i said i will color you a picture with a million dollers on it...and a stuffed chi-wa-wa lol -kayla


May 16 2006
what?! i'm older than you?! since when?! i thought you were like 17 already! or something like that... & isnt someone mr. greedy wanting all that stuff?... shame on you!

Edith Hogan

May 17 2006
hey chris long time no see so are you back at oakland or what man and good luck with getting all of those things lol


May 17 2006
umm. no thanks. how about i make you a card && give it too you. haha. lmao.

Jessica Hunter

May 17 2006
CHRISTOPHER SLATE i cant believe you askin people for birthday presents lol ... ur pretty much great

Chelsey Montgomery

May 17 2006
yeah so you already know im not getting you ANY of that... ha. so there...

Lin-Z HackneY

May 17 2006
I know exactly what im getting u. and its a total effin suprise... and i know your gonna kill me. o yeahs. i got a job. meet linz the new member of the hot topic crew... that is if my mother approves.


May 22 2006
You're not 16 yet??? I thought you were like 17 already!!!

TrEe HuGgEr

May 26 2006
so i'm guessing your bday is june 16th? mine is june 24th YAY

Caterina Han

May 30 2006
how bout a gift card TO american eagle?