Kind Of Intimidating...

April 08 2006

sorry its been a while... i havent had any time at all to post... oops

i was readin this paper at school... it was about gangs in modern days...

i didnt realize that they have gotten so out of hand... we all hear about the Bloods and The Crips and The Folks... but one that seemed realatively new to me... MS13... apperantly they are the worst of the worst...

ill give you 3 or 4 facts that may keep you weary.

1: there are over 30,000 members in over 33 states

2: they are the FASTEST growing gang ever created... producing an average of 6 more members a day.

3: they now do professional hits

4: if they kill you.. They take your arms and drop them in the country (shows the hard work that people pay) Your legs to the state capital (to represent the way the government walks over its citizens) Your torso to the state line (to show the seperation of races as well as country) Your head to the sheriffs department (mearly to taunt the federal officers) And your scrodem... they feed to their animals (in celebration of their hit)

does that not scare you?

it does scare me...

why are people in gangs?!.. are you in a gang?... im not... and i never intend to be... there was a point in my life where i WAS in fact involved in such activities... but that was a long time ago...

my school is officially been seperated between gangs... it seems like you have to have the right sign. The right colors. The right words... just to survive...

i thought this was America... Home of the FREE!!! why are we seeming to be controlled by gangs...

did you know that it is NOT illegal to be in a gang... it is NOT illegal to support gangs... it is NOT illegal to murder under the charges of "you were forced to"

that is total BULL CRAP!!... how is it NOT illegal to do all of that... how is it NOT illegal to MURDER just as long as "a gang leader tells you to"... that makes me mad... we should have a more strict government on that subject.

but anyways... life has been... ok... i got some REALLY good news but im not tellin cuz i want it to be a surprise... te he... later guys


April 08 2006
I doubt they would let you off for killing someone just becuase someone told you to. But if someone were to hold a gun to your head threatening to kill you unless you killed someone else, would you want charges to be pressed against you? As for supporting gangs, I don't think gangs are official organizations. The only difference between my group of friends and a 'gang' is the mindset, and that difference just happens to produce violence in one of them.

kayla hale

April 08 2006
i saw you yesterday! made me happy...havent seen you in forever


April 08 2006
6 flags in cali is taken over by gangs. scaryyy. my aunt said there r shootings there ALL the time. ughh.


April 08 2006
nah, im not in a gang

Jessica Hunter

April 09 2006
so true ♥


April 15 2006
hey, you. yeah, you. the one reading this. me and david were talking about you today because you know why? we played kick the daisy. yep. you should have been there. and to answer your question, no i'm not in a gang.

Ashley who?

April 17 2006
Hmmm. true.

Chelsey Montgomery

April 17 2006
i think i know the good news...? <br>5 more days!! <3