Everyone... yeah...

March 11 2006
everyone dance

everyone smile

everyone be happy...

cuz thats how we role....

i love you guys!

Jessica Hunter

March 11 2006
CHRIS SLATE ... u better freakin hangout with us tonight <333


March 11 2006
sry couldn't go tonight! chicken falls from the sky on to your head and knocks you... unconsious... lol*


March 12 2006
Hey hottie, sorry I unloaded on you at the skating thing yesterday! Ha ummmm yeah so if you could just make sure NO ONE finds out about the things I told you... that would be awesome! I know that is wishful thinking I am sure the whole world already knows. Im going to go die now. Much Love


March 14 2006
So ... I'm 2 days into my springbreak ... and its not lookin too good ... I have to work almost everyday!!! Which completely sucks!!! Wish I could have come down ... but hey ... there's always summer!!! Elaine xx3


March 14 2006
hey dude amanda says u say u know me i mean idk if u do lol i prolly do i just forgot but like how or where did u meet me