November 08 2005

Hey yall!

Today i realize that college is way too much money! It is so STRESSFUL! I have to send in this application to be recieve eligibility so that i can participate in College sports. That right there is 50 dollars. I just paid 54.00 dollars for my ACT! The applications! It is absolutely ridiculous! I have been just so stressed!

I am going to chill a Kayla's house and we are going to look at colleges!

I got my acceptance letter to the nursing classes at MTMC! I am so STOKED about it!

If anyone knows about any job opputunities! Please let me know! I am desperate for anything!


November 06 2005

Hey Everybody!

Well i have had a pretty crappy weekend! We lost our football game on Friday! It was so sad! I dont think i have cried like that in a while! It is so hard leaving something that you love! I really got a realitiy check when i woke up on Saturday Morning at 6am and said "WOW FOOTBALL IS OVER!" i layed back down and started to cry again and felt so depressed! It is so hard knowing that i will NEVER EVER step out on that field again! But, it is time to move on! Their r several good things! I will be able to get better grades, go back to church, and HAVE A JOB!

How was the Fall Retreat! I really wanted to go but, things just didn't work out! I hope everyone had fun!

On thursday and friday i went on this retreat w/ my student council! We did this rope course and i did it two times and then i did it blind folded! It was great! I learned so much about myself and how far i could actually push myself! I had a blast! So i wanna hear about the fall retreat! I hope to see some of yall at church on Wenesday!

I got my braces off the other day! IT feels GREAT!



October 26 2005

hey yall Whats up?

What is up with Nathan and Rachel? Im a little out of thr loop?

1. Am I loveable?

3. How long have you known me?
4. When and how did we first meet/talk?
5. What was your first impression?
6. Do you still think that way about me now?
7. What do you think my weakness is?
8. Do you think I'll get married?
9. What makes me happy?
10. What makes me sad?
11. What reminds you of me?
12. If you could give me anything what would it be?
13. How well do you know me?
14. When's the last time you saw me?
15. Ever wanted to tell me something but couldn't?
16. Describe me in one word.
17. Do you think our friendship is getting stronger/weaker/staying the same?
18. Do you feel that you could talk to me about anything and I would listen?
19. What music/song do I remind you of?
20. What movie do I remind you of?
21. If you would take me somewhere where would it be?
22. Do you think I'm out of control?
23. What do you hate about me?
24. Are you going to put this on your xanga and see what I say about you?

?? I came to u in the middle of the night::
?? I never saw you again:
?? I kissed you:
I moved next door to you:
I started taking drugs:
I told you I had a crush on you:
I was hospitalized:
I took a bullet for u:
I got into a fight with your parents:

Read this and send it back to me?


October 23 2005




October 06 2005
Have you ever felt left out before?

Well do you feel really strange when you get out of the swing of things or get "out of the loop" and then when you try to get back in the swing of things you get left out! Or you just walk into the room and nobody knows who you are and you just get all these looks like who are you and where did you come from! It just feels like everyone has moved on and you have gotten left behind. It kinda makes me feel like garbage! I just dont know what to do!

Peace out,


September 03 2005
Well we lost!

What did the Oakland shirts say? Congrats to SHS!


August 31 2005
Hey yall! I hope everyone is having a good day! I have a prayer request! I hope all yall enjoyed your day off!

My aunt, uncle and cousin all live in Mobile,Alabama. They stayed and rode out the third hurricane of the year. My uncle is a nurse and was called into work and was there for 2 days. My aunt and little cousin stayed at home with no power. Today my aunt went back to work and she found that there was no Air Condition. There is also no gas at all. There grocery stores are empty and they really dont know what they are gonna do. My aunts company emptied the gas tank of there boat and let all the employees fill up there gas tanks and they are working on a split shift. They are coming here for the weekend to get away. So please pray for them.


August 29 2005

Soakin Wet

August 17 2005
For the past three days all it has done is pour down rain at football practice! I have been drenched on my way home!

School is goin good! Really busy! I have had quite a bit of homework! Our first football game is this friday night we play FRA away at 7:30! Wish us good luck

Well i gotta do some more homework so i will chit chat later! Leave me a comment! It will make my day!

School,School, and MORE School!

August 11 2005
WEll my alarm clock went off at 6:15 am and i didnt get up till 6:45!

My schedule is pretty good this year. I really have a pretty good senior year! Senior year is gonna be AWESOME! I do have a 6:45am class! That kinda sucks! All my classes are really big! But this year is gonna be great!

Bye! Im going back to bed!


August 10 2005

I got called at like 12:01 by Jacob (my sweetie) and he sang Happy Birthday to me! It almost made me cry! It was so sweet!

Tonight some friends ate out and went to a movie! We saw Dukes Of Hazzard! GOOD FUNNY MOVIE but...... the language was a little rough! I think i laughed the whole time i was there! I would definitly recommend to someone who needs to be cheered up just like i needed to be tonight! I found out my daddy has left for a month and im not sure why he didn't call or tell me before he left. I was outta town this past weekend and he wanted to do something and i wasn't home and he got all mad! I wish he would have told me that he was leaving! He just makes me so frustrated sometimes and i just wanna scream and pull my hair out!

I think i am the only person on the planet that is excited about going to school tommorrow! I mean i saw my schedule today! (Oops did i say that out loud!!!) I love it! It is gonna be a GREAT SENIOR YEAR! The only bad thing is that my honey aint gonna be there at all!

Well guys im gonna go crash and i will talk to all yall later!


August 09 2005

Well i just got back from the last summer vacation! I know school starts on Thursday! Im happy but then again im not!

I found out that my dad left for a month w/ the national guard! He new that he was leaving and he didn't tell me! IT really ticked me off! He will be gone until september! He probably wont even call me and it has made me really upset and the fact that i had to hear it from my stepmom and he couldnt call me and tell me that he was gonna leave doesn't make any sense to me at all!

Well all i have to go unpack!

Leave me a comment or something! It will make my day!


July 26 2005
YEAH!!! Im so excited i watched the first episode of Laguna Beach the 2nd season! I didn't watch it last night so i caught it today on MTV! Im so excited! It is the best show ever! I watched it the other day when they had it on like all day long! I want the DVD collection for my birthday! I told my mom that is what she could get me! I don't think i will like it as much b/c i liked everyone from last season and i thought that those same people would be on there this time and just 2 people are back! Whatever will see how it goes!

Well yall, i hope everyone is havin a good week! I did a little shopping today! I haven't done that in a while! I had a blast just chillin by myself! Well guys i will talk to yah later JAcob is here and we are going back to his house to eat dinner w/ his family! CAtch yall on the flip side!


July 25 2005
howdy! Well im doin better! Im up movin around! I just got home from hangin out w/ Jacob! We went shopping! Well yall im gonna sleep!



July 22 2005
Hey you! Well i attempted to go to student Council Camp! I came home Tuesday morning!

I got sick and i went to the emergency room in M'bor and i had my appendix taken out Tuesday night about 10:00! I came home from the hospital last night around 5! IT has been an interesting week! I stayed at the hospital by myself on Wedeneday night and it was really strange!

Well guys when i get to feelin better i will write more!



July 18 2005


July 18 2005
Howdy Guys!

Boy am i TIRED! I got home really late and then i had to pack for camp! Im leaving in about 2 hours or so! Im happy but then again im not happy! I really don't wanna leave home again! I have been gone like all summer! Plus i have a certain someone in my life and i don't wanna leave him! He is such a sweetheart! WE have been dating almost 2 weeks and he is like the sweetest guy in the world that i have ever met! My parents really like him and his like me!

I have to tell you something funny! Yesterday afternoon he called and was like my family is eatind dinner at my house and he was like you wanna go! Well of course i said yes! I didn't know that the whole family would be there! He is one of 5! he has 2 older sisters and 1 oler and 1 younger brother! It was so much fun! I think he is such a sweetheart! The whole family was so nice and everything and i was scared outta my mind!

Well guys i gotta go pack! Talk to yah in a week!

Lots of Love and Bunches of Kisses and Hugs,
Ali May


July 14 2005
Hey yall! Well i got home from vaca! I have been really busy w/ someone in my life! He is a sweetheart! His name is Jacob! All my family likes him which is a BIG PLUS!! But.... im goin outta town on Monday for TASC CAMP! Im a BIG STUCO NERD! But, i will know someone there! Jason will be there so that is good! Well guys i guess i will talk to yah later! I havent gotten much sleep and i am gonna CRASH!!!! I have alotta unpackin to do and repackin to do!

Bye YAll
Ali May


July 07 2005
Hi! I have been busy the past few days! How was church last night? I wanted to go but i had to help out a friend! I heard the food was good! I also heard that the Concert rocked!

Well i have to pack and clean out my car and clean up around the house!

I heard this saying today and i thought it was the cutest thing:

Party Hard, Rock 'N' Roll were the class you can't control. The guys are hunks, the girls are chicks were the class of 2006!

Then i revised it to make it fit my school! You will understand if you know where i am from!

Party Hard, Rock 'N' Roll were the class you can't control. The guys are hunks, the girls are HICKS were the class of 2006!

Yall tell me what you think!

Ali May


July 05 2005
Hey guys! Man today was long! I went to court this morning and i went the vanderbilt hospital and then threw rush hour traffic!


July 04 2005
I just made it home from the parking lot at MTSU for the fireworks! Man was it total chaos! There was so much traffic! The fireworks were actually really good this year!

What did everyone else do for the 4th of July?

Well guys i got a busy day tomorrow and im gonna try and sleep! Not likely since fireworks are everywhere!



July 03 2005
Hi yall! I usually don't pos two in one day but, i just woke up to the sounds of a ton of fireworks!It is crazy! Im just on my way out the door to my big brothers baseball game! Im really tired but i promised him that i would go! I think he plays at 10:45 tonight!

Ive got so much to do tomorrow and then on tuesday i go back to court and vanderbilt! Also i am driving to vanderbilt and i am afraid that i will get lost! I think im gonna ask someone to go with me! Its not like it is a really long appointment! Im just like whateer! Imgoing to get a CT skan on for my allergies! Im not to worried! I just really wanna know what is wrong with me! Im tired of being a druggie and not knowing!

Well im off to the ball park!

bye yall!

Alicia May


July 03 2005
I hope everyone is having a great 4th of july weekend! I know that mine is really busy! Im stayin at my dads house for a few days while he is gone! We had a on of family over last night and we stayed up really late! Lets just say that today i have been really lazy today! But, im gettin ready to go to a cookout so i gotta get ready! Have fun yall!

Ali May


June 30 2005
Wow! I just spent 3 hours shoe shopping! Im beat! I went tonight w/ my stepmom and stepsis! We couldn't agree on anything for the wedding on Saturday...... Wait! For those of you who don't know my dad is getting married for the 4th time this saturday! Im so thrilled! NOT! I mean i like the girl and all but.... i don't think he should get married! But.. there ain't much i can do about it now! Oh yah and my dads birthday is tomorrow and i totally forgot! T

VBS is going GREAT! Im really tired from that! Tomorrow is water day! Im so stoked! Actually for the past two days it has been water day! IT has been fun! Im going to blow up 150 water balloons for tomorrow! It gona be great!

Im gonna go to bed and i will talk to yah later!

Ali May


June 27 2005
Boy am i tired! Today was rough! I had VBS this morning and it was fun! I mean yah it was hot outside but it all worked out!

This mornin i woke up and went to work and i was so SLEEPY!! I couldn't understand it! I had never been this tired! It was CRAZY! I had a little trouble w/ the kid that i babysit but other than that it was a good mornin!

My mom and dad talked today! It didnt go very well! They talked about me and my cell phone bill and me gettin my own car! Lets jus say the phone ain't gonna be around for a while and the car is non exsistent! Ill jus keep drivin the truck!

This afternoon i fell asleep on the couch at work and slept for like an hour! It was GREAT! I enjoyed the NAP! I talked to my good friend brit and brad today! They made me cheer up about everything! I have to go to court in the morning! I am so excited! NOT!!! Then im goin back to VBS! I have to go shoe shopping for the wedding! Im not lookin forward to it at all! I hate shoe shopping!

I did find out good news today! After this week i am off for 2 whole weeks! It is GRRRRRRRRREAT! Im so excited and I will also have my dads car since he will be gone on a trip! It is going to be great plus no football! I will get to hang out w. all my friends! It is gonna be great!

Well yall i think im gonna go turn in! Im really sleepy!

Love yah bunches,
Ali May