June 17 2005
Hi Yall!!

Well this entry is going to be short and sweet because Im gettin ready to pass out!

I just got home and have been busy all day long! I went to see my dad! I cleaned the house! I also went swimmin with friends of mine! We all had a BLAST! The water was EXTREMELY COLD!! I then had dinner at my nana's house! Boy was it yummy!

I totally forgot about it bein fathers day this Sunday! I was just reminded about 1 hour ago! Oops! I have to go shopping! In the mornin im going to sleep late and go to a baseball game around noon or so! I will sleep really late!

I heard that the concert last night was prety good! I wanted to go but i had football!

Like i said short and sweet!

Sleep tight don't let bed bugs bite!

Ali May

Rachael Moore

June 18 2005
ah i love you! hope you get the rest you need!

Stephen Hamby

June 19 2005


June 21 2005
have you had Mrs. Pace I had her for summerschool a year ago she's real cool