August 31 2005
Hey yall! I hope everyone is having a good day! I have a prayer request! I hope all yall enjoyed your day off!

My aunt, uncle and cousin all live in Mobile,Alabama. They stayed and rode out the third hurricane of the year. My uncle is a nurse and was called into work and was there for 2 days. My aunt and little cousin stayed at home with no power. Today my aunt went back to work and she found that there was no Air Condition. There is also no gas at all. There grocery stores are empty and they really dont know what they are gonna do. My aunts company emptied the gas tank of there boat and let all the employees fill up there gas tanks and they are working on a split shift. They are coming here for the weekend to get away. So please pray for them.


September 01 2005
I will

Rachael Vance

September 01 2005
i sure will!! i miss u and love u and want to give u a big hug and hope u have a good year. u better call me or something soon. i'll try to call u . i haven't se4en u at church in forever!- :) love- R