School,School, and MORE School!

August 11 2005
WEll my alarm clock went off at 6:15 am and i didnt get up till 6:45!

My schedule is pretty good this year. I really have a pretty good senior year! Senior year is gonna be AWESOME! I do have a 6:45am class! That kinda sucks! All my classes are really big! But this year is gonna be great!

Bye! Im going back to bed!

l a u r e n b e a s l e y.

August 14 2005
hey Alicia haven't seen you since forever.. werid to think we're in high school now about to graduate... it doesnt seem that so long ago we were at Rockvale.. hope everythings going good.

Rachael Moore

August 17 2005
did i mention how much i love you??? i LOVE you!!! hope everything is going well! you should call me sometime and we could hang out!