June 07 2005
Hey yall!

I have been really busy! I mean I have to be at work every mornin at like 6:45 which means I leave my house at 6:20 and get up at 6am! It is SOOOOO CRAZY! Well i went out tonight and chilled w/ my friend Erica! We had a blast!

Im so ready to go to Panama City! I mean I can't wait! I just want to get away from everything and just relax! I need some relaxin time! We leave really early on Saturday Mornin! I mean gosh that is a little EXTREME! But thats cool cause it is worth it!

Im goin to get my senior pictures made on Friday! That is so SCARY! Im excited but then it also makes me really sad!

Well gotta go to BED!!

Love yall
Ali May