July 26 2005
YEAH!!! Im so excited i watched the first episode of Laguna Beach the 2nd season! I didn't watch it last night so i caught it today on MTV! Im so excited! It is the best show ever! I watched it the other day when they had it on like all day long! I want the DVD collection for my birthday! I told my mom that is what she could get me! I don't think i will like it as much b/c i liked everyone from last season and i thought that those same people would be on there this time and just 2 people are back! Whatever will see how it goes!

Well yall, i hope everyone is havin a good week! I did a little shopping today! I haven't done that in a while! I had a blast just chillin by myself! Well guys i will talk to yah later JAcob is here and we are going back to his house to eat dinner w/ his family! CAtch yall on the flip side!


July 27 2005
whatss up