July 22 2005
Hey you! Well i attempted to go to student Council Camp! I came home Tuesday morning!

I got sick and i went to the emergency room in M'bor and i had my appendix taken out Tuesday night about 10:00! I came home from the hospital last night around 5! IT has been an interesting week! I stayed at the hospital by myself on Wedeneday night and it was really strange!

Well guys when i get to feelin better i will write more!



July 22 2005
omg im glad you doin okay now!! im sorry you missed camp!! lol!! i hope you get to feeling a lot better!


July 22 2005
oh my goodness!!!!! wow girl! that does make for an interesting week! i hope u get to feeling better! love ya! you're in my prayers!


July 22 2005
Awww I'm sorry about that! I hope you get to feeling better!