July 18 2005
Howdy Guys!

Boy am i TIRED! I got home really late and then i had to pack for camp! Im leaving in about 2 hours or so! Im happy but then again im not happy! I really don't wanna leave home again! I have been gone like all summer! Plus i have a certain someone in my life and i don't wanna leave him! He is such a sweetheart! WE have been dating almost 2 weeks and he is like the sweetest guy in the world that i have ever met! My parents really like him and his like me!

I have to tell you something funny! Yesterday afternoon he called and was like my family is eatind dinner at my house and he was like you wanna go! Well of course i said yes! I didn't know that the whole family would be there! He is one of 5! he has 2 older sisters and 1 oler and 1 younger brother! It was so much fun! I think he is such a sweetheart! The whole family was so nice and everything and i was scared outta my mind!

Well guys i gotta go pack! Talk to yah in a week!

Lots of Love and Bunches of Kisses and Hugs,
Ali May

the brian king kenobi

July 18 2005
what camp?


July 18 2005
hope u have a great and awesome time @ camp! u & jason will rock it! haha!