July 14 2005
Hey yall! Well i got home from vaca! I have been really busy w/ someone in my life! He is a sweetheart! His name is Jacob! All my family likes him which is a BIG PLUS!! But.... im goin outta town on Monday for TASC CAMP! Im a BIG STUCO NERD! But, i will know someone there! Jason will be there so that is good! Well guys i guess i will talk to yah later! I havent gotten much sleep and i am gonna CRASH!!!! I have alotta unpackin to do and repackin to do!

Bye YAll
Ali May


July 15 2005
have fun @ camp!

Rachael Vance

July 16 2005
oooh, jacob....u better tell me about him! have fun!!! love u lots!