July 03 2005
Hi yall! I usually don't pos two in one day but, i just woke up to the sounds of a ton of fireworks!It is crazy! Im just on my way out the door to my big brothers baseball game! Im really tired but i promised him that i would go! I think he plays at 10:45 tonight!

Ive got so much to do tomorrow and then on tuesday i go back to court and vanderbilt! Also i am driving to vanderbilt and i am afraid that i will get lost! I think im gonna ask someone to go with me! Its not like it is a really long appointment! Im just like whateer! Imgoing to get a CT skan on for my allergies! Im not to worried! I just really wanna know what is wrong with me! Im tired of being a druggie and not knowing!

Well im off to the ball park!

bye yall!

Alicia May


July 03 2005
goood luck gettin to vandy!! i have gottin lost goin there soo its okay if you get lost your arent tha only one!!! lol!!!

Garrett Haynes

July 03 2005
hey, I am havin' lots of fun at the beach, thanks for the comment. I will try my best not to get one of my limbs bitten off by a shark. I'll be home saturday, so I guess i'll see u sunday. later - Garrett


July 03 2005
hey girl! haha i was just up near vanderbilt the other day...i wasn't supposed to be but we got a lil lost on the way to andy davis haha...well have a great 4th!